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All Perkovic's men

Post published on 45 lines on 28.10.2005.
Josip Perković in Institute for State safety in Belgrade, photographed in company of colleagues top-graded functionaries of SDS/SDB, obligated for «work in Croatia, enemy emigration». The identity of a person whose face is darkened is unknown. On left to right: P. Djordjevic, Josip Perkovic, Ivan Lasic, Stanko Colak and Bozidar Spasic. (The anonymus source whose this photograph is, says that the photo was taken in 1989. when Stanko Colak was going to retirement. The owner of weekly magazine Ivo Pukanic «Nacional» in one e-mail writes that the photo was taken in 1986. when P. Djordjevic was going to retirement.)
Seventy per cent of listeners of Radio 101 voted in survey whether Josip Perkovic should be delivered to Germany or to put him on trial in Croatia for participating in murders of Croatian emigrants in Germany, that he should be delivered. By my evaluation, it is the result of distrust in Croatian judicial system. Else Croatia is not ready to face with dark part of its past. If there were no international pressure, no trial to Dinko Sakic for crimes in Jasenovac during Second World War , wouldn't be held. Considering that nobody from international community didn't make pressure about partizan crimes, after the war till today not a single trial was held on that theme. If ICTY doesn't exist, nobody would be put on trial even for war crimes during Homeland war. Let's put on a side silly actions against all those who were during the war on occupied area. If Germany is not world example how to deal with its own history from Second World War, but also from time of DDR, and if UDBA didn't kill the most Croatian emigrants exactly in Germany, never would Josip Perkovic found himself in situation to be put on a trial for crimes of UDBA. The trial to Vinko Sindicic for murder of Bruno Busic, in the very beginning was a farce exception. The citizens don't have confidence in Croatian government when it is about Josip Perkovic, it is also possible because of statement of Zlatko Mehun, the spokeperson of police, that police didn't get anything from Interpol connected with Perkovic, so the headlines in medias are APB before APB. It seems that nobody in police can't get on Internet, so they couldn't see German international APB after Perkovic. Jasna Babic in todays Slobodna Dalmacija consider relative German accusations against Josip Perkovic as an «intelligence war», «the conflict of Bozo Vukusic with Josip Perkovic». It is the thesis which several months ago was used by Gordan Malic in Globus, emphasizing that it is the conflict of BND with MI6 for «intelligence dominance in Croatia». Jasna Babic has lots of reasons to take in protection Perkovic because on documents which he was in conntact to, she wrote her books: Zagreb's Mob and Blaskic Conspiracy. Veselin Marinov, on whose reports she based Zagreb's Mob, as she said herself in her book, was a personal assisstant of Josip Perkovic, at that time counselor in HIS (Croatian informative service). Perkovic named action of HIS, Barakuda, which was based on reports of Veselin Marinov. He, through Djurdja Susak, with whom he was extremely close when he got a job in HIS, persuaded her husband to take Ante Nobilo for lawyer defender of Tihomir Blaskic. As a result of engagement Nobilo and Perkovic in Blaskic case, Babic's book Blaskic Conspiracy emerged.
Gordan Malic beliefs for years to informations of Josip Perkovic. He is meritorious for Sasa Perkovic, son of the accused one of German state lawyer, found himself in position of counselor of President of Croatia for national security. As soon as Malic published that Presentation of Franjo Turek to the top of the state was dealing with Josip and Sasa Perkovic, President Mesic hired Sasa on position of his counselor, and discard all objections on actions of Perkovic senior:

*Your new counselor for security Sasa Perkovic, whose father is Josip Perkovic, also experienced intelligence person. Does it mean that you will concentrate more on work of intelligence cervices in second mandate? -Josip Perkovic after first democratic elections joined in intelligence services, formated Croatian intelligence service and retired. There were thse who doubted in his good intentions, but nothing could ever be said against him. His son is well educated and he worked in services which qualifies him to be my counselor. Because I need advice about functioning of institutions, and that could be the one who comes out of it. I can't follow everything, and the Constitution says that my duty is to take care of functioning of institutions in the state. Jasmina Popovic, Vecernji list, 25.02.2005

When Sasa Perkovic was named for counselor of President of Croatia, Ranko Ostojic, former chief of Ministry of police and present member of Management of Slobodna Dalmacija, greeted that Mesic's move by message to the author of 45 lines: - Sasa is the best proof that what he is in Presentation becomes advantage. Ranko Ostojic with Sasa Perkovic, while he was in position of assisstant of chief of HIS was in visit to Hrvoje Petrac in Austria, before the tycoon who was looked for in 2001./2002. because informations connected with murder of Vjeko Slisko, appeared in police for a informative conversation. Jasna Babic in her book Zagreb's Mob emphasized great credits of Ranko Ostojic for right approach to problem of organized crime in Croatia. While Ranko Ostojic was chief of police, Mario Barisic on first trial for war crimes in Lora as responsible one among others he said the name of Josip Perkovic. Barisic even during investigation which was led by Split state lawyer, Mladen Bajic, said that Tvrtko Pasalic, Barisic's chief in Military police, called Josip Perkovic, the assisstant of Minister of defense, Gojko Susak in Zagreb and asked him what to do with massacred war prisoners, considering that International Red Cross announced their visit. By testimony of Mario Barisic, Josip Perkovic gave a command to Tvrtko Pasalic to cover up the crime in way to massacred ones transfer to another military prisons in Sibenik, Zadar, Kerestinec.

The witness mentioned 14 and 15 April when the IRC representatives visited Lora asking for the permission to enter the military prison because they found out about the unregistreted prisoners captured there. This caused panic so before the IRC representatives entered Lora, Josip Perkovic, Assisstant Minister of Defense in charge of SIS (Secret Intelligence Service) had ordered the transfer of the prisoners. Stanko Feric and Marijo Kavain, Jutarnji list, 15.03.2001

By claims of Mario Barisic to the author of 45 lines Ranko Ostojic didn't give adequate protection to the witness for Lora. Considering that appeared that Ranko Ostojic cooperated with Josip Perkovic and his son, it is clear why he nothing ever undertake against Perkovic senior, and based on testimony of Mario Barisic. It is unclear how to Josip Perkovic would behave Main state lawyer Mladen Bajic if Germans let the acctual case on process in Croatia. Namely, Mladen Bajic had cognitions that Josip Perkovic as Assisstant Minister of Defense in Lora case covered up the crimes, what is punishable by our Laws, not only by ICTY statute, so he didn't accused him for that. By records which were published by Nacional, supposed British agent Christopher Looms, in conversation with Gordan Malic, showed interest for those two, junior and senior. Judging by later Malic's statements that BND wants to disturb MI6 which by help of Josip Perkovic, looks for Ante Gotovina, Malic and Looms by mentioning those two, junior and senior, were talking about Sasa and Josip Perkovic. I believe in German judicature and I don't share opinion of Jasna Babic and Gordan Malic that it involved in certain intelligence games. Intelligence games can pass only on Balkans, where beginning with Romania, through Bulgaria, Serbia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, finally with Croatia, former comunist chiefs of secret polices are still strongly present in political life. The lawyer Ante Nobilo, who with Josip Perkovic closely cooperated even during trial to Andrija Artukovic, claimed today for Radio 101 that Perkovic is his good friend and that he will, most likely, defense him on trial, if the process start in Croatia. Nobilo with a smile confirmed that Perkovic is in Croatia at the moment. Journal 24 sata without naming the source, gives Perkovic's picture in company of Gojko Susak and Mate Lausic, from one of my web stations. They also give picture of elite district in which Perkovic namely lives, so instead of Zelengaj 67, they take photograph of Srebrnjak where Dunja Zloic Gotovina lives. By lobbies informations from Haag, ICTY is interested to get new confirmations of informations that Ante Nobilo brought out from the court protected testimonies of Netherland soldier of SFOR and Stjepan Mesic's in Blaskic case. Also, namely Haag's prosecution asks for renewal of process against Tihomir Blaskic, after they got enough strong informations about existance of Blaskic's command for war crime in his area of responsibility. Namely, Haag's prosecution have enough convincing evidences that for the command knew Ante Nobilo, his expert assisstant Josip Perkovic, Markica Rebic, chief of SIS, and his associate Stipan Udiljak. So, it is ilusion to expect that ICTY, no matter supposed cooperation of Josip Perkovic and Christopher Looms, would be ready to whether in front of Croatian or German autorities, in any way give support to Josip Perkovic, who is now accused for participating in murders in Germany during 70-ties and 80-ties of last millenium. If Josip Perkovic with help of Ante Nobilo, and later Ranko Ostojic and Mladen Bajic, till now managed to avoid the trial bench in Haag, it is absolutely clear that ICTY has no reason to protect him. Contrary, there are indications that Haag's investigators got additional evidences about his involvement in war crimes in Croatia. As undoubtly main chief of UDBA union, the most resilient and the most influential informal association in Croatia, Josip Perkovic besides his own son, on relevant positions in intelligence community placed all his men. The chief of POA, by his own ambition future formal chief of all Croatian spies, Tomislav Karamarko, is under great influence of Josip Perkovic. By writing of Jasna Babic, Perkovic's players are Ivan Bandic, the officer for connection in OA (intelligence agency) in Hungary and Gordan Akrap, representative of OA in Berlin. Gordan Akrap is by Jasna Babic formaly led action Barakuda, and in 2001./2002. he was chief of branch office of OA in München. Although Akrap is at the moment in Berlin in charge for relations with BND, considering that Germans already accused Perkovic, he can't help him any more, and recomendation that he is Perkovic's man, can only hinder him in relations with the country where he is a guest. By taking over SIS and Military police from hands of Dragutin Franciskovic and Ivan Grbavac Cobra, Josip Perkovic among other things made great friends in onetime Military hospital on Dubrava. So he got place of honour on web site of Clinical hospital Dubrava:

On suggestion and initiative of Crisis command of VBZ, President of Republic, dr. Franjo Tudjman with associates (president of the Government of Croatia, dr. Franjo Greguric, vicepresident of the Government, prof.dr.sc. Mate Granic, chief of Main headquarters of Croatian Military, general Anton Tus, Assisstant Minister of Defense, brigadier Josip Perkovic, commander of Main Headquarters of medical service of Croatia, general-major, prim.dr. Ivo Prodan, academician prof.dr. Zdenko Skrabalo, who was in charge for all conntacts with Crisis headquarters and counselor of President, prof.dr.sc. Slaven Letica) founds a resolution that by receiving patients in hospital and by continuation of work of policlinic, hospital guards physically, but also defends with weapons if needed. History and development of Clinical hospital Dubrava

Through all this time he stayed in good relations with Ivo Prodan and onetime chief of hospital, dr. Petar Brinar, father of Maja Brinar, known by her marrige with a lot older Israel businessman. It is assumed that through those connections, after election changes in 2000. in position of chief of security in hospital he placed his associate even in emigration, and later colonel in SIS, Tomislav Micic. By Zvonimir Despot in Vecernji list, Germans are suspecting Perkovic that he in 1977. as an operative man of UDBA, under pen-name Tomo Novakovic, from his onetime associator Josip Miler (escaped to BND, also as Josip Majerski later), bringing him a gun and 60.000 DEM in Switzerland, asked to kill emigrants Frane Goreta and Stjepan Bilandzic. About that there are firm evidences available to German autorities even from that time. Josip Miler died meanwhile, but as former emigrant Tomo Sedlo claims, behind him is left testimony on video tape. About that part of accusations on Perkovic's account, the most interesting will be testimony of Frane Goreta. After series of my texts about crimes in which participated members of SIS and Military police, by interwiev in Globus in 1999. to colleague Mark Cigoj, for crimes spoke called by name officer of SIS, Frane Goreta, discarding all accusations on his account and praised amply Josip Perkovic, from whom he got the job in SIS after arrival from emigration. In which way Frane Goreta from Perkovic's victim (by German APB) became Perkovic's good associate in SIS (by his own cognition), he will get an opportunity to explain himself – whether on trial in Germany or in Croatia, if in Zagreb Josip Perkovic will ever be accused. P.S. It is not clear to me by which logic was led HINA giving the news yesterday about German APB against Perkovic, quoting that also journal of Croats in diaspora, Croatian Herald, wrote about German investigation connected with murder of Stjepan Djurekovic. Namely, Croatian Herlad is known and relevant as much as Mate Basic who editors it. And in his text, which you can read under title The leader of UDBA and SIS under German investigation, there is nothing that was not somewhere else, so I can only conclude that Mate Basic has good connections in HINA which quotes him without any other connection.

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