3/23/2006 02:32:00 AM|W|P|Zeljko Peratovic|W|P|15.03.2006., Wednesday

Vjenceslav Bill streched out in his Zagreb apartment in conversation with the author of 45 lines (August 2006.)

As an introduction in story about my friendship with Vjenceslav Bill, what culminated with threatning and disturbing messages from previous post, I would look back on more media of that selfdeclared witness of crimes of Branimir Glavas. When I say selfdeclared, I claim that on basis of several facts:

1. Ante Djapic didn't read his name on list of witnesses of investigation of Osijek war crimes. 2. In direct conversations with some of investigators I found out that Vjenceslav Bill didn't offer any valuable cognitions to investigators. 3. That was not him, but Krunoslav Fehir, as last wrote Drago Hedl, crown and protected witness in Glavas case. 4. In recent text of Slavica Lukic in Globus about «finished investigation and police documents on stand by in State attorney's office», not one murder is mentioned about which publicly spoke Vjenceslav Bill. 5. When he also brought me into misconception about his knowledge who killed Mato Sabic Saban, I wanted to confront him with a man who has completely different informations from investigation of 1992., but Vjenceslav Bill refused to talk with former military investigator, and just these days he was calling him and slander me that I am «A spy, sick man» etc. The case of Vjenceslav Bill more and more reminds me on axiom of Miroslav Bajramovic (see link How Pakrac poljana case lived through fiasco by framing false witness Miroslav Bajramovic). It is possible that of parallels Bajramovic-Bill are aware also my colleagues who wrote positive about former witness against Branimir Glavas. When I introduced them with, in previous post quated messages about my wife, my child, they answered that Bill conntacted them already, but they don't want to enter our dispute. Not only they didn't support me. They didn't even called me again. I think that is, not only human, Catholic, but also matter of fair relation to profession to admit the mistake. I admit that Vjenceslav Bill deceived me, so I also by that deceived a part of public who believed my texts about him. Colleagues, who think that I am in a private war with Bill, I let to their conscious. I thank to readers of 45 lines on their support. My dears, your comments really encourage me :) Here are short extracts from numerous till now published texts about selfdeclared witness of war crimes in Osijek, with links:

«I know that Cappiau had connections and a police bedge, also as Yves Almodoval, but I didn't want to participate in weapon trade. Because of Osijek I was always on target, so I was even told that I would finish as Milan Levar did», finished Bill, adding that Cappiau had some business relations even with Tihomir Oreskovic. Vanja Majetic, Vjesnik, 15 March 2002.

ZAGREB – In night on Tuesday several men tried from apartment in Selska road in Zagreb pulled out and attack Vjenceslav Bill, volunteer of Homeland war, who in several investigations testified about mob and political murders. «They rang on my door around midnight. When I opened the door, without disscusion, they tried to pull me out of the apartment and beat me. I reacted quickly and hit one of the attackers on hand with iron wire for shoes. Soon the police came, and I reported the case», said Bill. He recognised one of the attackers. He claims he was the son of Boris Pinek, who lives in neighbourhood, and once he was responsible for murder of Sasa Ilic. Zeljko Peratovic, Vjesnik, 28 July 2004.

In a phone call with Vjenceslav Bill we found out that in statements in which he listed events in 1991. he has sent on addresses of President Franjo Tudjman, Minister of defense Gojko Susak and all secret services, also to former Minister of defense Jozo Rados who is «senile when he claims that he doesn't remember this document». He warned that the police did not conduct a decent investigation and added that «Glavas, Vladimir Seks and Petar Kljajic fought in basement, where they probably would receive Slobo». Snjezana Canic Divic, Vjesnik, 09.07.2003.

The prosecutors raise a charge believing that journalist Ljubica Letinic on the 4th July last year in show Daily news on Croatian radio released a record of a phone call with Vjenceslav Bill regarding to his letter which was read the previous day on the press conference by former Osijek-Baranja county head Ladislav Bognar. Prosecutors claim that in letter are said lines of untruthful statements which harms his honour and reputation deeply and put in question their personal safety, and that the journalist gave the opportunity to Vjenceslav Bill to repeat that in front of the widest circle of listeners and she even expanded them with her comments. Hina, 01.03.2004.

In his explanation, Bill gave as a reason for change, his illness but also the fear of coming to Osijek. Second charged thinks that Glavas is an influential person in the city and that his impact especially got stronger after win of HDZ on last parliamentary elections, what by his opinion, can effect on decision of the court. Tomislav Prusina, Slobodna Dalmacija, 19.02.2004.

Already mentioned Vjenceslav Bill recently told for Feral his story about structure of units at that time which were formed under Group of national guard. He said many things about once more never solved murder in Osijek, that of Mato Sabic. Drago Hedl, Feral Tribune, issue 767

So, Osijek court, on Monday ordered to Vjenceslav Bill from Zagreb to show up in two days term on psychiatric expert evaluation which should determine whether is Bill ready for the trial. In particular case, it is the matter of charge rose by Branimir Glavas who charges Bill for slander, because Bill in TV show Latinica proclaimed Glavas because of murder of Mato Sabic and Josip Reihl Kir. «I am a hundred per cent invalid», says Bill. «I have all the documents for that which I got in Zagreb clinic Rebro but Osijek court does not recognise that doctor's report. Glavas asks for expert evaluation in Osijek, because his friend is a manager of the psychiatric clinic there.» «I won't go on that expert evaluation», says Bill. I will shoot myself in head or jump off the balcony before they get me». Drago Hedl, Feral Tribune, 3rd June 2004.

«Glavas considers Croatian judicature as a show for his personal interests. He also declared that in Glas Slavonije and on Slavonian television, announcing a law suit against me. I don't consider that judicature as he does, and on that charge I will not reply before Glavas is put on trial for Kjoto Medjugorac, Mato Sabic and Reihl-Kir. On those trials I will gladly come as a witness», said Vjenceslav Bill. Drago Hedl, Feral Tribune, 5th September 2003.

Vjenceslav Bill responded immediately to our request to comment on the Police statement by saying: «That's rubbish. Police did not conduct a decent investigation. I am not a policeman. My submission is very specific, everything is in it. The police is lying.» Boris Pavelic, Novi list, July 5, 2003/ex-yupress.com, February 12, 2004

Branimir Glavas rejected all Bognar's accusations. According to him, Bognar decided on this «desparate» move because the hate obviously «black out his mind», and witness Vjenceslav Bill according to him is a man of «questionable health capacity». Boris Raseta, Feral Tribune, 4 July 2003.

22:21 Comments

• Todays SMS reactions of Vjenceslav Bill:

«It is time for UTEGOL WAILER SLOBA IS WAITING» - Sender: Vjenceslav Bill (098385848), Sent: 06:41:52, 16.03.2006.///

AuuuAuuuAuuu – Sender: Vjenceslav Bill (098385848), Sent: 06:46:16, 16.03.2006.///

«In Pozarevac beer is pouring under knee PISSED especially enriched with last drops of Slobo's urine, on every corner you get free UTEGOL the beer is poured, it is cheap but payment is in CASH (GOTOVINA). If you don't have cash I will borrow you WAILER AuuuuuuAuuuuuuAuuuuuuu PERATOVIC» - Sender: Vjenceslav Bill, (098385848), Sent: 07:22:45, 16.03.2006. ///

»(...) Does your conscience works knowing that you have set up to Levar. (...) Have you ever seen yourself in the mirror. Were you receivin payment in VJESNIK. Associating with me, writing about me you are the only one who asked for reciprocial favour. I busted you and fuck off PERATOVIC. Now you call me a criminal. I have never been that. You are a drinker, sick man, you killed your own mother with your actions, you don't know whether you gave to your daughter a bottle or a dick to suck. You must apologise to me. I am not Munib,nor Glavas. I am BILL, Peratovic, and different from those you were friend with. I AM WAITING FOR AN APOLOGY. Sender: Vjenceslav Bill, (098385848), Repeted: 07:52:06, 10:39:04, 17:13:32, 16.03.2006.///

»Your tutor just called me, Marko Erceg, and said that you asked him to take care of your X (wife), because you have to go to Belgrade immediately. He also said that Milosevic family offered a big amount of money for wailers, so you replied. Zeljko, I know that you would fuck for little money, but I still don't hate you that much, that when is to you, to be indifferent. Zeljko, don't go to Belgrade, THEY WILL TRICK YOU» - Sender: Vjenceslav Bill, Repeted: 08:03:11 and at 17:17:07, 16.03.2006. ///

«POZAREVAC MUCKALICA FOR YOU SPECIALY PREPARED. FRIED SHIT OF SLOBODAN WITH DIARRHEA OF SESELJ, IN A COFFEE-HOUSE UNDER LIME. YOU WILL ENJOY PERATOVIC, COMRADE SHOKAC». - Sender: Vjenceslav Bill, (098385848), Sent: 11:26:22 and at 17:15:31, 16.03.2006./// «WHILE YOUR X (wife added Z.P.) A SERB TREAD, BEWARE OF MUNIB»- Sender: Vjenceslav Bill, (098385848), Sent: 11:43:50 and at 17:14:31, 16.03.2006.///

«WHILE YOUR HEART BEATING STRONG DRINK A SHIT INSTEAD OF BRANDY» - Sender: Vjenceslav Bill, (098385848), Sent: 11:55:25 and at 17:16:15, 16.03.2006. (45 lines 16.03.2006. 19:58)

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•17.03.2006., Friday Vjenceslav Bill: take off the virus from my computer or I will punish you! I didn't walk to police today. I had more important business. And Vjenceslav Bill, as somebody else pays his mobile phone bills, continued to cover me with messages. He has sent me again by MMS several pictures of my daughter. Isn't that sick?! He sent again several old SMS-es in which in form of national song trying to be toiletly funny. His messages are treat for psycholinguists. All are ful of «shit», «pissing», «sucking»...Do the memories from closed male institutions speak out, or is it about permanently used erotic preferences, I don't know. Yet he came up with some new messages:

Marko Erceg complains to me that X (wife) has bristled hairs on her pussy, looks like she has a little polecat between legs and stinks very much. I told him that she is a good woman, but Zeljko eats shit and licks, and that's surely the reason. Munib (Suljic) wouldn't mind that. Stinks, so what. Sender: Vjenceslav Bill, +38598385848, Sent: 16:55:30, 17.03. 2006.

I forgot to tell you that X has a belly as a madder and she hides there all the shit she has brought from BANJA LUKA, poor she, probably she is worried that you wouldn't eat that. Something else, these days I will come to your place for money you owe me for taxi I paid for you to drive you to Gazi and Erceg, I lost so much time tiger and fuel costs. Don't try to swindle me with X (wife), I'm an older man and I don't fuck for money. Maybe I'll come tonight, I don't know, maybe. Sender: Vjenceslav Bill, +38598385848, Sent: 17:58:58, 17.03.2006.

Hurry up and take off that virus from my computer you have sent me, and paid computer six thousand kunas, I give a fuck what you write. I swear, if you don't solve that, I didn't steal it, by that you exceeded, I honestly tell you, call the police, call God, I will punish you, I swear to God, MUNIB is a dick. Sender: Vjenceslav Bill, +38598385848, Sent: 18:43:04, 17.03.2006.

When I started to receive similar Bill's messages and MMS-es with pictures of my daughter, I spoke with colleague Drago Hedl, for whom the «False Witness» claimed that he respects and honours him very much, although he several times made improper remarks on Hedl's family history. I doubted that Bill's behaviour has something with investigation of Milan Levar's murder, and those doubts I passed to Hedl. - I don't think he does. Bill has bought the computer recently. He plugs on Internet and through Google he went on research what was written about him. So he had found that you published a photo of him and Marko Erceg. He called me imediately and complained about that. There is nothing else in the background, said Hedl. - I personally brought him prints from blog when he demanded to write about him and to publish his pictures and identity cards which were signed by Branimir Glavas. After all, nobody normal would react because of picture like that as that did Vjenceslav Bill, I said to Hedl and till today we didn't contact. About Vjenceslav Bill I knew only what wrote Drago Hedl, Boris Pavelic, Marijo Kavain, reported by Ljubica Letinic. I personally know all mentioned colleagues and I don't remember taht any of them ever warn me that something is wrong with Vjenceslav Bill. At the beginning of 2004. I have published text about crimes after «Oluja» and by quoting several opened sources I said that F.D., a member of a special police, is mentioning as a person directly responsible for one well-known masacre. The same morning in editorial office of Vjesnik called me Vjenceslav Bill to tell me that he appreciates my work on brightening crimes in Gospic, that he is personally acquanted with planning of assassination on Milan Levar in former coffee shop Australia in Tkalcic Street, about what he informed high ranked police officer, Gojko Markovic, and that he is also friend of F.D., that he did all those crimes in «Oluja», but he is a good fellow who would do anything he was asked to do if they tols him that was for dr. Franjo Tudjman. So I swollowed the bait and started to communicate with Vjenceslav Bill. Considering that he previously, on trial for murder of Vjeko Slisko and in many different public occasions, he praised that he knew James Cappiaua, and that with Ante Roso he was together in deliquency center in Glina. Even a Belgian journalist, Peter Dupont, who was interested in story about Cappiau, I brought to Bill. It was the first time I was in his apartment. Like by chance, at the same time there was Drago Hedl, what I considered as a good thing, because he previously wrote about conection between Cappiau and Ante Roso. So Bill got hooked on me. He called me almost every day to inform me, that he knew reliably, that ICTY take care about my case, that he was noticed by OSCE to stay close to me, that somebody is threatning him, so could I put that in newspapers etc. Last year after torture with POA and Gotovina case and mobbing in Vjesnik, I went on sick leave in May. Previously Bill didn't call me for month or two. When he found out that I was on sick leave, he asked from me to go to Osijek with him because he had to sell family house, but he was afraid of Glavas's men, that he heard some gossip. I had some family obligations, and I was on sick leave, so I couldn't make his wishes come true. After my return from the sick leave, in July, I got a message from Krunoslav Fehir, now protected witness in investigation about war crimes in Osijek, that he wanted to give an interview for Vjesnik. I talked with Fehir, not knowing at that time his identity. But the source who put us together was the guarantee. Of course, Vjenceslav Bill didn't put us together, but he called me after publishing of Fehir's testimony in Vjesnik, to explain me the background of the story. All in all, he praised that he through his friends in Osijek criminal circles, put the oil on fire, inflamed by Fehir's interviews in Feral and Vjesnik. I suppose that in Vjesnik at that time they published Fehir's proclamation written by me, because Sanader was angry with Glavas, and for at that time chief editor of Vjesnik Andrea Latinovic, was written once that in parliamentary caffe she was victim of Glavas's grabbing by the breast. Although, Andrea Latinovic didn't want to publish my already ordered text about German investigation of murder of Stjepan Djurekovic, and other editors told me that interview with Pavle Gazi, who wanted to give an interview on theme Djurekovic, I can freely publish somewhere else. I didn't want to travel all by myself to Koprivnica, and as Bill was on my neck, offering different services, I asked him to drive me on interview with Gazi. I thought that Feral would pay the gasoline, but I was wrong. Nevertheless, Bill didn't complain then that I owe him for gasoline. He was proud because at the end of interview he could to the old UDBA-man and comunist Gazi say that God exist, because when old man hits his leg, he doesn't shout «help me comrade Marks». It was funny to me how Bill, who had praised to Gazi that he spent one part of his youth in delinquency centers and on Goli otok, he was nervous all the time of companionship with former Minister of police in Social Republic of Croatia. A day or two after that, Bill asked to go with him to Josip Boljkovac, who wanted to connect him with «some Marko Erceg, and as long as you know how to talk with that old UDBA-men, I please you to be my fuse». He asked me if I knew Drago Franciskovic, because Boljkovac was telling him about that man. We went on Old karlovac road to Joza Boljkovac. On our departure we met Mile Mrla. I said to Bill in front of Mrla: He was a good friend of Milan Levar. With lowered gazes, they acted if they didn't hear me and went each on his way – Bill and I went to Marko Erceg. Vjenceslav Bill constantly fawned me because I am «the real Sholja» (authentic Slavonian), and members of his family were settlers. He wanted to buy reklja (shpenzle). I recalled that such distinctive Slavonian costum is manufactured today only in my Gradiste. I suggested that we drove to Gradiste where we could buy reklja, and on return to Zagreb we could take along my father with us. I paid for the gasoline, and during the trip he talked in my dictaphone about «crimes and criminal in 1991. and 1992. in Osijek». Considering that he didn't want to agree with informations I knew about murder of Mato Sabic Saban, and he didn't want to talk with man who found out that informations in war investigation, I asked Bill to give me his version of the story in my dictaphone, just in case. He agreed adding that was a good idea,»if something- God forbid-happenes to me, you publish all that». I listened through today authorised conversation with Bill and it was confirmed to me that my interlocutor didn't give clear answers on key questions about murders for which he claimed he was witness. Mostly, his statement was full of gossip about conflicts in criminal-political-UDBA circles of Osijek. Bill called me several times, and twice I let him hear on the phone parts of «testimony» about orderers and murderers of Mate Sabic Saban. Of course, I personally didn't tell him anything. He screamed that he will intercourse with my deceased mother and so on. But in later SMS-es he didn't mention the tape, not even in single call he didn't denied anything from blog. After we drove my father to Gradiste, Bill said that he wanted me to come to his place with my family. His wife and he enjoyed in every move and voice of my at that time one year and a half old daughter. He even played a guitar for her. He took photos of her then. I will never forgive myself for that, because Vjenceslav Bill sends that pictures now by MMS as a threat. I gave him old, family, Slavonian clay jug, because he said he collects that, and Shokac things are his treat. In return, he gave to my daughter and my wife some trifles for which we found out that it was stolen goods, so we got rid of that. When I asked him on another occasion where he got surgical scissors which cuts every plastic for fishing, he said nonchalantly that he got that from a friend who stole it in the hospital. Is than odd the statement of Vjenceslav Bill that he participated in «Oluja», that he didn't shoot a bullet, and that he returned from the action earlier because he didn't want to participate in robbery. And how come that the selfcalled protector of Serbian rights, personally hates all Serbs, what is obvious from the messages he sends me. Is it odd that in message mentioned above he wrote that he will punish me because I screw up his computer with some virus which «he didn't steal, but paid six thousand kunas». The conclusion is – the heart doesn't cry for stolen gifts.
Vjenceslav Bill in dreamed Djakovo reklja (Gradiste, August 2005.)
After death threats, dissmisal and death of my mother, I went to Gradiste for two weeks to relax myself by fishing on Bosut. I asked from Bill to lend me two fishing rods for catching pikes. He did that, and when I brought it back, he wanted a picture with a pike I cought with his rods. Most of fishing rods I was using were from another source, but «his rod cought the pike». While I was sitting by the river, he called me to complain that Marko Erceg calls him all the time, who asks him to put him in connection with Drago Hedl, and all supposedly in connection with investigation in Osijek. During our visit to Erceg, I borrowed two video cassettes with testimonies of Milan Levar and Fata Skula. I was in conntact with Erceg, because for a book about Levar I was missing some important documents which Erceg promised me for some time to give me . the cassettes I got, satisfied my interest. I didn't have time to record it, because it was some older type of camera. Several months ago I managed to put it on DVD, and few weeks ago I sent it back to Erceg by post. Bill continued to bother me with the story that Marko Erceg wanted to spoil Hedl, and that he will with that «old UDBA-man confront.» I suggested him to go to him and say everything in face because I didn't have any more nerves and for two of them. I asked him if he went there. He said he didn't, that he would probably go, and maybe he would send his friend F.D. to him (the one who is a murder, but he is good as a gold V.B.). I told him to wait till I record the tapes, and we would together go to Erceg to see what it was all about. He refused the suggestion and consulting me not to give the cassettes to Erceg at all. I needed more river, so I asked him to lend me again those two fishing rods, because I intended at the beginning of September to go only for pike. He said there was no problem. That two rods would always be there for me. As the day I should go to Slavonia was coming the more he was reluctant about the lending. And he would go with his wife fishing. And rented some fishing house on Dobra near Boljkovac and Erceg...the night before the trip, after he called me for hundred time with complaints on Marko Erceg, I told him that I didn't have time to look for another fishing rods and that he would disappoint me very much if didn't give me the rods. He answered that there were no problems, just to come to his place tomorrow till 12 o'clock. After that time he would not be at home. He and his wife are going on Dobra. I came at 11 a.m. and found locked door. Nobody answered on my knocking, calls on telephone, and his wife and he turn off mobile phones. The luck was I had some audio cassette which I recorded for him on CD, which I left there with a note that I came on time, but they were not there. I find a way for the rods. All till 15.02.2006. when he started to send me first MMS-es with pictures of my child, Vjenceslav Bill didn't conntact me. At first I thought he was embaraced because of fishing rods or he became a protected witness. I even got a message form circles for which I thought they were close to investigation that Vjenceslav Bill got police protection. But, all that force me to call Marko Erceg to hear how ended their dispute. Erceg informed me that Bill was at his place before he ended conntacts with me. That he talked some bad things about me that I secretly recorded conversations of Josip Boljkovac and Erceg, and that I would never give back borrowed cassettes. That story is a proof that Vjenceslav Bill lied at the same time to me and to Erceg. It was clear to me then that he was in great fear because he authorised the mentioned interview, and I guess, to in advance protect himself from effects of my possible decision to publish the conversation, spreds roumors that I record secretly. Dear Bill, on the beginning of the conversation you ask if I record, and when I answer affirmative, you say just record. Now I will tell you everything. Inspite of all, for some time I didn't do anything to reveal Bill, because there was a possibility that he was protected witness, so I didn't want to endanger his safety. Soon I found out that Bill's friend was F.D. (a good man and a murderer added by V.B.), whose name he was threatning to Erceg by (Marko Erceg informed me yesterday that last autumn one person called him from Slavonia introducing as F.D., and threatened him with dead if he continues to screw up Vjenceslav Bill), once reported to police and state attorney's office as a part of a chain of conspiracy in murder of Milan Levar. By that information F.D. physically passed order from Zagreb to Gospic to kill Levar exactly on Monday, 28.08.2000. When I sum up all, I literally froze. Voluntarily or by someone's order, Vjenceslav Bill was my «adhesive strip». As I connected last year Bill with one official person from current investigation about war crimes in Osijek, I decided to check whether my former friend said something useful to prosecution. Unofficial answer from official person was: He didn't! Vjenceslav Bill is not witness at all, and not even protected one. So, I don't know why Vjenceslav Bill is still scared of Branimir Glavas. Why would Branimir Glavas harm Bill in any way when he didn't testify against him. Do they have some unsolved private things, it is not on me to judge. And are the materials from finished investigation enough to rise indictment against Branimir Glavas, the Main state attorney Mladen Bajic will decide. I'm sorry, after this experience with the loudest Glavas's opponent, I will keep away from that story. At the beginning of February was renewed investigation about murder of Milan Levar and like out of the blue, first called me Marko Erceg asking to give him back those cassettes and that Bill had right when he said that I would steal those cassettes. I calmed down Erceg and sent by post what was his. He thanked and apologised for trusting Bill. I passed him some of Bill's SMS-es where he was mentioning him. Shocked Erceg said that it couldn't be tolerated any more and he would inform about everything chief of POA, Tomislav Karamarko. I don't have anything with alleged virus in Vjenceslav Bill's computer, an Internet beginner. He could nicely stick to google with his name or to put on 45 lines in favourites, and not fooling around through sites full of viruses – guess which are those. Although, I wish fast recovery to his computer. He promised that he will next week publish on Internet his truth.I recomend him that some of his friends journalists open a blog for him and help in presentation of «Truth of Vjenceslav Bill» illustrated by photos of two-year-old daughter of Zeljko Peratovic. 22:55 Comments «BRUNO (REKETI) MAG DEALS WITH BLACK MAGIC I JUST SENT HIM PHOTOS OF THAT JOURNALIST PERATOVIC'S DAUGHTER HE PROMISED ME TO DO A CEREMONY ON HER BECAUSE OF OUR FRIENDSHIP FROM GOLI OTOK AND WE GREW UP TOGETHER FOLLOW THE EVENTS IN NEXT DAYS BRUNO IS MY BUDDY AND HE NEVER LIES WE ARE THE SAME SCHOOL AND WE HAD SAME TEACHERS my RESPECT» Sender: Vjenceslav Bill, +38598385848, Sent: 10:01:16, 18.03.2006. (45 lines 18.03.2006. 11:31)
Look through the window downstairs in your car sits Perkovic I think Erceg and in parked one Munib with two guys take care tiger be careful best is to call the cops I think it's a snort» - Sender: Vjenceslav Bill, +38598385848, Sender: 11:21:40, 18.03.2006. (45 lines 18.03.2006. 11:34)
I don't get why don't you call the police and change number? (Cartmann 18.03.2006. 14:16)
so how would be a victim here? Some alcho sends him SMS...big deal. But wait till he collects some more of it and when stand up international associations for protection blablablablabla...if they all didn't bust him already. If that loser from Gospic is alive he would probably get from him such SMS. (anonym 18.03.2006. 16:50)
• @Cartmann, I let the guy to reveal everything. Before all, it is important to me to show to all those where he slandered me with who are they connected to, that is, with who I was connected to. I am not afraid of his «magic». To harm me differently, he is not intelligent enough. By being maniac he gives evidences against him. Not all false witnesess and framed informators so stupid. Like him is Miro Bajramovic. He was threatning to Visnja Gotal while he was working in «Nacional». It is tragic that nongovernment associations and so called critic journalists, support false and framed witnesses, and from authentic, as Milan Levar was, they run away. I won't write special texts abput Vjenceslav Bill unless somebody of my «colleagues» stands publicly in his protection. I will publish some SMS more, no matter how wicked it sounds, to have enough material to put him back in some close situations, in his native ambiance. :) (45 lines 18.03.2006. 17:02)
•@anonym – 18.03.2006. (16:50), this is your last comment. You don't respect the memory of honoured deceased. Milan Levar might stay a loser if they didn't kill him. His destiny is typically Croatian. He became recognised and famous only dead. His aim was that Tihomir Oreskovic and Mirko Norac end in prison. Only few believe in that, but it came true. Are Norac and Oreskovic the winers? (this is a retoric question and don't bother answering. As an anonym I won't publish you.) (45 lines 18.03.2006. 17:08)
• forwarded rections of Vjenceslav Bill on mention of F.D. (a good killer): «FRANJO DRLJO IS A LEGEND AND WHO WROTE THAT LET HIM SUCK THE DICK» - Sender: Vjenceslav Bill,+38598385848, Sent: 00:05, 18.03.2006.
• »How many lines Franjo on his gun has, that how much he asks from satan to as soon as possible draw a line on pussy of your child, there will be less Serbian bastards» - Sender: Vjenceslav Bill, '38598385848, 00:44, 18.03.2006. (45 lines 18.03.2006. 17:16)
when magic doesn't work, maybe God will: « Zac you forgot the three of famous Osijek men who caused my suffering as they are punished there is a God who thinks when we don't, in my case Glavas is an idiot, Arambasic, Mestrovic, Seks, all came up them. Zelja you are also on that road. I still feel sorry for you because you do that to me, look at Glavas, I feel sorry for him, his and yours diagnosis are the same. Arambasic shot in my head planned together with Mestrovic, Seks from Zagreb brought to Osijek complain which I have sent to Tudjman, I believe only in God and he never betrayed me. Pay attention how ended mentioned three and lie and slander in future. Wait for their fate. GOD SAVES HIS BILL Sender: Vjenceslav Bill, +38598385848, Sent: 17:35:21, 18.03.2006. (45 lines 18.03.2006. 18:59)
|W|P|114302782248268671|W|P|I will punish you!|W|P|3/22/2006 02:37:00 AM|W|P|Zeljko Peratovic|W|P|
• 16.03.2006., Thursday Vjenceslav Bill excused himself with illness – Who is crazy here?
Homage of Vjenceslav Bill to Slavonian-Lika squadron Autumn rains
Also arrived sensational Bill's SMS:


Unlike Vjenceslav Bill, I reply on all summons, that is, I don't use an excuse from a psychiatrist to avoid the court to repeat what I have wrote or said. Vjenceslav Bill with his provocative appearances in public brought in inconvinient position in court former Osijek county executive Ladislav Bognar and a journalist Ljubica Letinic. They have passed Bill's claims that Branimir Glavas is responsible for death of some Croatian soldiers, and Bill doesn't want to confirme that in the court. He is afraid to go to Osijek because some unpleasant memories connect him with that city. The truth is, he asked me to keep him company when he went to sell the family house, because he was afraid. Unfortunately, or from today point of view, I didn't have time for such journey. And when he returned from Osijek, he has praised that he hired Drazen Matijevic, else Glavas's lawyer, to sell the house. And when from Matijevic came the cash for the sold, Vjenceslav Bill by the way praised to me that Branimir Glavas offered him money for reconciliation. It was all suspicious to me. But because of death threats, dismissal in Vjesnik and my mother's death, I didn't have time to think seriously about Bill's strange behaviour. A doubt started to haunt me: does somebody send all those paraniod liers on me, or I just radiate on frequency which magnetize them? 21:45 CommentsI wouldn't comment this at all – instead late compliment for the post beneath. (catcher 16.03.2006 22:04) • Never say never. Couple of this mornings' SMS-es: «xx is not military nor ICTY investigator. Xx is not x nor x a bitch and he won't be witness in your favour, the only truth is that you put out Levar's ass in order not to split money with him which you were getting from Marko Erceg and others to you have been selling informations, the truth is that was figured out also by your till yesterday friends journalists and that they avoid you, you are not figured out by X (wife), maybe she is, but tolerates because of the child, but she also feels sorry for you because you are a sick man, Peratovic, you tried to get my ass, and you are still trying but remember I've been beaten and pulled my dick» Sender : Vjenceslav Bill, +38598385848, Sent: 11:49:03, 17.03.2006. •»You enjoy to hurt other people, I'm only sorry because with such behaviour you kill yourself and your family, you are a pathetic man, cure yourself tiger, protect what you have, I don't give a fuck will they kill me tomorrow, but you are a pathetic man, but you are not alone, you must think on x (wife) and the child she had one like that she is a brave woman cure yourself you are in the wrong way» Sender: Vjenceslav Bill, +38598385848, Sent: 12:27:02, 17.03.2006. •There it is, finally he started death threats. I just have police in my neighbourhood. I guess they finished their snack. I go for a walk. (45 lines 17.03.2006. 12:43) • «098309032 this is the number of Branimir Glavas if you are a journalist as you claim, ask him what Bill lied about and you will have fresh information and tell him that I gave you the number , all in all, you have the message and tell him to suck dick to a dog like you after shit you ate , your ancestors would have a bad breath.»- Sender: Vjenceslav Bill, +38598385848, Sent: 13:95:01, 17.03.2006. (45 lines 17.03.2006. 14:01) • «Do you travel to hell, MURDERER, all messages I have sent you next week will be published with sincere comment of our divergence I will not talk nonsense I will be honest you MURDERER « -Sender: Vjenceslav Bill, +38598385848, Sent: 13:52:04, 17. 03.2006. ( 45 lines 17.03.2006. 14:04)
|W|P|114299352857241761|W|P|Is Vjenceslav Bill crazy?|W|P|3/21/2006 12:28:00 AM|W|P|Zeljko Peratovic|W|P|
Vjenceslav Bill and Marko Erceg surrounded by greenery of river Dobra

It is interesting that till recently the most boisterous public witness against Branimir Glavas, Vjenceslav Bill, who went quiet suddenlly, by his own testimony to the author of 45 lines, he has positive attitude of Josip Perkovic from time of his juvenile-deliquency youth. - In one occasion, after I had huge problems with the police, I met Perkovic on the street. Our mothers were neighbours, so he knew about my problems and he told me that he was sorry that he didn't know before what was going on with me and that he would stop it, told me last summer Vjenceslav Bill. Perkovic, Seks, Glavas..., Peratovic Net, Sunday, November 06, 2005

Vjenceslav Bill demands an apology
Vjenceslav Bill, a guy who has liked to introduce himself as a volunteer of Homeland War, who wasdisturbed by alleged crimes of Branimir Glavas and who about previous talked for the first time through Drago Hedl and Feral Tribune, since 25 February of this year he sends me following messages:

Whose friend is Marko Erceg? He was feeding you, giving you money, maybe even he fucked you, poor man, as long as you are mentioning me, what I find disgusting, have at least some honour and be honest. Sender: Bill Vjenceslav, +38598385848 Sent: 15:05:01, 25.02.2006.

Whose friend is Marko Erceg? He was feeding you, giving you money, maybe even he fucked you, poor man. As long as you are writting and mentioning me, what I personally find disgusting, it would be fair that you write the truth. To your X (wife, added by Z.P.) I wish a good Serbian dick, to you lot of normabel and to your little daughter, one little Munib (Suljic, added by Z.P.). BYE, DICK SUCKER! Sender: Bill Vjenceslav, +38598385848 Sent: 19:56:31 25.02.2006.

Fuck you with MUNIB, you bastard of UDBA. Sender: Bill Vjenceslav, +38598385848 Sent: 12:38:51 27.02.2006.

Of all named journalists, only you sue the state, and only you are Chetniks', BND intelligence agent (...) MARKO ERCEG, many times he gave you food, gave you money, and I believe that he fucked you, and your wife and your child you wanted to give him. WHY? Sender: Bill Vjenceslav,, +38598385848 Sent: 13:39:00 27.02.2006.

Put your daughter on Internet while she sucks dick to Munib (Suljic, added by Z.P.), if you don't have the photo, I will send you. (about ten times he sent me pictures by MMS of my two-year-old daughter, added by Z.P.). Send you BEER, NORMABEL and a fishing rod. I hope you understand now. THAT IS YOUR THERAPY. Sender: Bill Vjenceslav,, +38598385848 Sent: 14:26:56 27.02.2006.

I've just arranged with Marko Erceg and Jozo Perkovic to fix welfare for you to have for beer and normabel. Now you can eat shit in peace, X (wife added by Z.P.) doesn't mind your mouth stink anyway. You buried your mummy, Munib takes care of your daughter, it's so hard for you my ass, you SON OF A BITCH! Sender: Bill Vjenceslav, +38598385848 Sent: 00:54:29 02.03.2006.

(...) Does your conscience work knowing that exactly you gave away ass of Levar. (...) Have you ever seen yourself in the mirror? Were you getting salary in VJESNIK? By mingling with me, writting about me, only you asked from me reciprocal favour. I busted you and fucked you off, PERATOVIC. That's why you call me a criminal. I was never a criminal. You are an alchocolic, an ill person, your own mother you killed with your actions, you don't know whether you gave your daughter a bottle or a dick to suck. You must apologise to me. I'm not Munib nor Glavas. I am BILL, Peratovic, and different from others you were companion with. I AM WAITING FOR AN APOLOGY. Sender: Bill Vjenceslav,, +38598385848 Sent: 11:37:29 03.03.2006. Repeted: 10:02:31 15.03.2006.

Do I have to apologise to Vjenceslav Bill?

10:34 CommentsDread blog! (Sico 15.03.2006. 11:05) • no, but direct him on learning Croatian grammar ('don'tknow','chld' etc.)...and you correct 'next' into 'nekst' : ))) Neverthless, you can sue this guy for offense.:) (Ptica Trkacica 15.03.2006. 11:29) • is that the guy who you were friends with and take him to buy national costumes? Fuck him, with who you are, that's what you like. (anonym 15.03.2006. 15:29) • why don't you sue that man? (zli podstanar 15.03.2006. 16:22) • what to say?!?! Hug him and kiss him in the mouth! (Cartmann 15.3.2006. 17:06) • Today SMS-es of Vjenceslav Bill: «Was it you who expressed sympathy to mourning widow, as a loyal «Catholic». I am deeply convinced that you were that, how could such good «Schokac» that you are neglect Slobo's family in such sad, historic grief.» - Sender: Vjenceslav Bill, +38598385848, sent: 10:51:05. 15.03.2006.////»Your tutor just called me, Marko Erceg, and said that you asked him to take care of your X (wife), because you have to go to Belgrade imediately. He also said that Milosevic family offered a big amount of money for drug addicts, so you replied. Zeljko, I know that you would fuck for little money, but I still don't hate you that much, that when is to you, to be indifferent. Zeljko, don't go to Belgrade, THEY WILL TRICK YOU» - Sender: Vjenceslav Bill, +38598385848, sent: 12:53:13 15.03.2006.////»Zeljko! DON'T EAT SHIT.» - Sender: Vjenceslav Bill, sent: 13:25:07, 15.03.2006.///»JUST EAT, JUST EAT, I'M JOKING» - Sender: Vjenceslav Bill, +38598385848, sent: 13:27:33, 15.03.2006. (45 lines 15.03.2006. 18:59) • blog is great, don't apologise to him, let the fool go, but pay attention on http://sibenikforum.blog.hr/ and tell us what you think (Stanko 15.03.2006. 19:02) • I always admire peolpe who have will and kunas in mobile phone to spent on such perfidious messages which were sent to you by certain dick sucker...His life must be pure idyll, and every message sent to you like one Normabel. (tribunj 15.03.2006. 19:54) • and Munib doesn't come out of his mouth...:D (Blueville 15.03.2006. 20:04) •@Blueville, what can you say when he spent his youth in male reformatories. It left some trace. On the other hand, Munib killed Aleksandra Zec, so he thinks he would «piss me off» if he threatens with Munib my two-year-old girl. But, a dog which barks, doesn't bites. Although, there will be job for police. (45 lines 15.03.2006. 20:10) • I see you have a crazy blog. I will throw myself on research when I come back from the trip. Cheers! (Pupa 15.03.2006. 21:24) • Thanks, thanks, but you also arranged yours indeed!!! (Sico 15.03.2006. 21:27) • That is the Munib! :O and I thought it is some guy in jokes. What are you waiting, sue that man! (Bluevillle 15.03.2006. 22:49) • Sue him, brother, mother fucker him. You won't let him to insult you, will you? I am with you! Greetings (baca iva 16.03.2006. 00:41) • @baca iva, what can you do...I took him to Colakovac to by himself Shokacka reklja. A «rolingston» wants to be Shokac no matter what. And when it doesn't work that way, he would make remarks on Shokacs. Really! (45 lines 16.03.2006. 01:37)
|W|P|114290198553746703|W|P|I'm Bill, Peratovic|W|P|