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Posted on croatian on 45 lines, 15.01.2006. Domagoj Margetic, besides Mesic's, published two more protected testimonies and on Monday he expects another court order
I had a hard time trying to hear out hours and hours of Mesic's testimony what was moved to a U.S. server by Domagoj Margetic. Although I announced at T-Zombix even yesterday that I would give lengthly comment of heard out, for now I would only repeat what I have written in announcement:

I downloaded from MP3. It is cool that Mesic and Sanader asked from ICTY to cancel prohibition. There's nothing new to hear. Mesic testified that Tudjman contributed to Milosevic's genocide in Bosnia. I'm glad that with that statement agreed also Sanader. I'm afraid that Tribunal for some time will not fulfill Mesic-Sanader's demand, because for primary leaking of Mesic's testimony on Tribunal is in process against lawyer Ante Nobilo. If the secrecy would be removed from this testimony, the process aginst Nobilo would be ruined, and somebody should be punished after all, shouldn't he?! Lengthly comment is on my blog in few hours after I hear out the whole testimony. Comments on blog of T-Zombix

On two audio records I found testimony of Paddy Ashdown. Most of it was open to for the public, but one part was closed, that was, the court treats it a secret testimony. It is interesting that Ashdown, who brought original napkins with Tudjman's notes of division of Bosnia, was not interrogated by lawyer Anto Nobilo, who had informations about connection of the witness with colonel of SAS, Bob Stewart, the person who was ascribed by a certain circles in intelligence services for some participation in Ahmic's massacre. Blaskic's American lawyer, Russel Hayman, who concentrated on hairsplitting about authenticity of some details on the napkin, Ashdown's distinct antipathy to Tudjman and the amount of alcohol which was drunk while British and Croatian President drank during the creation of «the napkin». Some of the questions were personal, so the President of court Council agreed to close that part for the public. By publishing also that part Domagoj Margetic is, by former point of view of ICTY, endangered another protected testimony.
Lord Paddy Ashdown (photo by The Scotsman)
On tape15 was published statement of witness by code name J.J., a Bosnian from Kiseljak, who was captured by HVO, as a member of Patriot league in his village, after the villages of nearby Bosnians was burned down. That witness talked about torture he was exposed in HVO's imprisonment, besides all, that he as a live shield was digging trenches to positions of B&H Army. He said that he saw near Kresevo members of HVO playing football with heads of killed Bosnian. Tihomir Blaskic was condemned by ICTY on 9,5 years in prison exactly because of using war prisoners for digging trenches and as live shields. The story about Bosnians which were exhibited on fair in Kiseljak is appearing also in indictment against Ivica Rajic. The witness himself did not put charge on Tihomir Blaskic, but he named Ivica Rajic as a chief of HVO in Kiseljak. This whole testimony has a sign of secrecy on it, so by that Domagoj Margetic published third protected testimony. When I expressed my concern because of fact he published two new protected testimonies, I got Margetic's dramatic reply:

-----original Message-------- From:Domagoj Margetic To:Zeljko Peratovic Sent:Saturday, January 14, 2006 11:17 PM Subject:RE: links don't work Zeljko, today the police searched my mother's house, my flat, they took all my computers, so now I write to you from my friend's computer. I got an order to close down my website in USA, but I said that they have to send that order to USA, because formaly and legaly it is an American media, which can't be closed down by Croatian regulations. We will see what will happen next, supposingly tomorrow during the forenoon they expect new court order. Greetings, Margetic

So, in Margetic's case, could be expected new court orders which means bigger problems that it all ended on Mesic's testimony. Considering that the accused journalist declared that audio recordings of Mesic's testimony on CD from assisstant of main Haag's prosecutor, David Eckerson, during the exchanging of evidences in process against him, I wonder if on the same CD were also testimonies of Paddy Ashdown, protected witness J.J. Somehow, I'm not quite sure of that, because it is in no connection with the process against Margetic in ICTY. As Domagoj Margetic did not give detailed statement why he also published those testimonies, I am free to pass over opinion of some experts for Tribunal's questions who estimate that all audio recordings which was published by Margetic these days, in fact he got from Croatian intelligence underground which have a goal to sharpen conflict with ICTY.
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