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Post was published on 14 December 2005 on 45 lines HDZ amortises public because of arrest of Ante Gotovina by attack on Latinica Truly by morbid pressure on HTV, especially TV show Latinica, that they are responsible because of suicide of defender, to whom namely last drop pour over the glass when he saw how deceased dr. Franjo Tudjman is slandered, HDZ's parliamentar delegates, before all, want to amortise possible anger of their voters because of deliver of Ante Gotovina to ICTY. Josip Djakic, President of HVIDR and Parliamentar delegates of HDZ, blames Latinica because soldier's death, and several days ago possible demonstrations against the government because of Gotovina characterises as new log revolution. He doesn't mention nor his colleagues from HDZ and HSP, who analysed programm of HTV that a few days ago News of HTV concealed the fact that Ivo Sanader in the name of HDZ put a garland on Tudjman's grave half an hour before it was specificied by protocol, so TV cameras didn't recorded him, and what can mean only one thing, that actual Prime Minister is actually ashamed of his forefunner on head of HDZ, dr. Franjo Tudjman. That was noticed by private televisions, RTL and NOVA TV, on which, look at that absurdity, actual attackers on Latinica and HTV, are now summon on them in Parliamentar. Good notice made Damir Kajin, nobody from HDZ didn't complain when President of Parliament, Vladimir Seks, declared for HTV that he would give an advice to deceased dr. Franjo Tudjman to respond on call from Haag, if he got it while he was alive. Ivo Sanader let to his hawks, Seks, Hebrang and Djakic to take liberties over Denis Latin, Mirko Galic and HTV, in order to possibly instead of Galic on chief position put Miroslav Skoro and to turn the sight of public from Gotovina case on debate about HTV. By the way, Mirko Galic would for ambassadorial position in Paris gladly give up Denis Latin and director wand on HTV. That's why he didn't put any effort to seriously stand on side of his colleague reporters. Single, more serious appearances of delegates Kajin and Pupovac, will not strong enough resound, as it could appearance of President of Croatia Stjepan Mesic, if he decide to involve in this debate. There are all theoretical presumptions for Mesic's involving: he was himself a public bearer of the idea of detudjmanisation and big contributor for realisation the same one, Denis Latin tends to him, what was also recently demonstrated by Latinica about Hrvoje Petrac, Mirko Galic favored Drazen Budisa as a president candidate, but now he urgently needs him as a subscriber of ambassadors' appointment... The appearance in defense of Latinica Mesic could continue by critics to Government because it is not continuing Action plan and not punishing Gotovina's fences, so ask him why it is not submitted criminal charge against Jozo Lauri Grgic, for whom is undoubtly known that he was helping Gotovina in hiding. Mesic could from Main state attorney or Minister of police ask to investigate informations which published Ivica Djikic several times in Feral that Ivo Sanader and Bozidar Kalmeta have given 30.000 € to Boro Gotovina, in presence of Zeljko Dilber, for financing Ante Gotovina's escape. Denis Latin could have known what HDZ is preparing for him, the latest when Tihomir Ladisic was moved. Then there were some whispering about posibility for Latin and his colleagues from editorial board through Sinisa Svilan cross over in NOVA TV. As infromative programme of NOVA TV since the arrest of Gotovina started to behave as it was editing by dr. Ivic Pasalic, I'm afraid that transfer of Latinica on NOVA TV will be hardly realisated.
Blockbuster T-shirts A look on ungrateful Croatia with Gotovina's face. Photo by Vecernji list
|W|P|113472432839472951|W|P|Latinica about Tudjman|W|P|12/19/2005 12:32:00 PM|W|P|Blogger Catman|W|P|Interesting site and opinions, and goog presentation
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thx2/11/2006 10:05:00 AM|W|P|Blogger noebius|W|P|interesting site, why do you not have site on croatian? Btw, do you know that medical doctors in croatia have 10% less sallary, what is announced "in camara" but not in media? You know, "surprise" when you got sallary, and no news niether on croatian medical trade union nieder on web site on ministry?12/15/2005 08:46:00 AM|W|P|Zeljko Peratovic|W|P|
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Saturday, 10th December 2005 Theme of the week: Gotovina case: Is arrest of Mladic following? Srdjan KUSOVAC Why Ante Gotovina is arrested right now? What perceded that? Was operation prepared together intelligence services of several countries including Croatia?is it realistic to expect strengthening of pressure on Serbia? Why would now to Serbia could match arrestment of Ratko Mladic? Is it possible based on some external signes and signals predict possible coming operations?... Zeljko Peratovic is Croatian journalist who is following for years work of intelligence community in his country. Because he wasn't affraid to say his opinion or because he was publishing something that shouldn't be published, once time he lost his job in state's «Vjesnik». Peratovic says for Radio «Slobodna Evropa» that he thinks that exactly during September to Ante Gotovina was suggested to leave Croatia and it was done by chief of Counterintelligence service (POA) Tomislav Karamarko and main state prosecutor of Croatia Mladen Bajic. PERATOVIC: On following way I reconstruct these last events: Considering that even earlier, at the beginning of the year, there were announcements that Croatia should undertake moving general Gotovina form Croatia, on some way persuede him or force him to leave teritory of Croatia and to go to Bosnia and Herzegovina, and then to arrest him EUFOR, I think that something similar happened now. Some deal between him, chief of POA Tomislav Karamarko and main state attorney Mladen Bajic. They probably through some mediators, suggested to leave Croatia at the end of the summer. Probably by some promises he was soothed because he let to be arrested so easily on Canaries. I know only that all this time chief of POA Tomislav Karamarko was in conntact with one of his attorneys, Ivo Farcic. And I also know reliably that general Gotovina didn't call no one of his attorneys, not even his own wife from Madrid. He called only his one reliable friend, whose name is not mentioned in all these headlines till now, about how POA helped in Gotovina's arrest. more on Gotovina Arrested
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Text was published on 45 lines on 9th December 2005
Ante Gotovina
Till recent, 90 per cent of viewers of TV shows in which was debated about Gotovina and Haag, were declaring that they didn't believe that he was in Croatia. Last night 36 per cent of the viewers of the show Otvoreno voted for not believing that Ante Gotovina was in Croatia till September of this year. It seems that public opinion matures. That is, as the people on example of 14 years long silence about sacrificing of Vukovar, realised that it is no wort of waitinig too long to find out the truth. Petar Stefanic set right referendum question, and better for him would be that he didn't get bigger scor for those who believe that Gotovina till September was hiding in Croatia, because he might at the beginning of his career as a TV anchor live through destiny of his forerunner Tihomir Ladisic. The motive for that question was the statement of Carla Del Ponte in Belgrade:

Since October we stated that we cooperate with Croatia completely and we worked on locating him all the time. But, we couldn't say at the beginning of October what we were doing then, because we wanted Gotovina to be arrested. We can reveal that now», said Del Ponte to the press in Belgrade. «First we determined that he was no longer in Croatia. Not since September of this year. We located him on Canaries. We had to locate exactly where he was and do everything to arrest him. We cooperated with Spain and Croatia, and of course, we have the result», explained the prosecutor...

And before September, Tomislav Karamarko and Mladen Bajic were convincing Carla Del Ponte that Gotovina was in Italy, because there were founded his trousers and some journals with texts about him.

Post was published on 1st June 2005, at 10:49 hours. Did Gotovina after intercourse threw his trousers to carabineers? As the news from Italy were presented to us till now – that Italian police in chase after some criminal found texts from net about Gotovina (I hope it includes texts from 45 lines) and trousers ( in Vecernji list is suggested those were Gotovina's trousers) – all is left to is to conclude that Italian policemen ran on Gotovina, directly after, and maybe in the middle of love act, disturbed him and upseted him, so he threw through window evidences against himself. It seems that to legendary lover, as he was described by Nenad Ivankovic and Ivan Aralica consider him as one, got loosen up his legionary concentracion (which was once time praised by Racan's deputy on position of Prime Minister, Goran Granic). He let because of his anger of being hampered in Holy Croatian Duty (F... everybody, all on the list. Serbian Duty is holding on to the list.) to be revealed that he was hiding in Italy, what suggested a long time ago Franjo Turek, and not in Croatia, as persistently claims Carla Del Ponte. All right, it will go in favour of Mesic, Sanader and Karamarko who will with relief conclude that is no one reason now not to get the date for negotiations (with EU) and that three of them by this are cleaned from every doubt for helping Gotovina in hiding, in way that they don't chase him, that is, not forcing others to chase him. But I'm not sure completely that Italian secret sevices, police, in other words, autorities in general, would stand with crossed hands while Ante Gotovina across The Boot is fucking crisscross, that is, instead of him – caught his hot pants. Whatever we think about Italians, let us not underestimate them so much. If you drop down their stadium Lazio, maybe because of business panic they wouldn't notice that. But some Sclav from eastern side of Adriatic Sea to fuck all by the list, that would they, as the greatest lovers on Mediterranean, and wider, would stop in shorter time then they need to drop down their own government.

And here what Carla Del Ponte has declared one day later, before Mladen Bajic presented her «strong evidences» that Gotovina is in Italy, at that time still of the fugitive, pants:

MAIN HAAG'S PROSECUTOR CARLA DEL PONTE IN VISIT IN CROATIA 2nd June – Prime Minister Ivo Sanader met a little earlier than 17 hours in Baski dvori with main Haag's prosecutor Carla Del Ponte, who is staying in working visit in Croatia on the eve of giving regular report to Security Council of UN on 13th June. After the meeting there is held shared press conference, and main Haag's prosecutor Carla Del Ponte declared in Zagreb that she will the Security Council of UN inform that Croatia with its Action plan completely is dedicated to arrest fugitive general Ante Gotovina and expressed expectation that it wouls be done, but also added that is too soon to say there is full cooperation with ICTY. With Action plan Croatia is fully dedicated to find and arrest Gotovina, and I expect to do that, or to prove that all is done to arrest him. That would be reported to Security Council of UN on 13th June, said Del Ponte.

All participants of that meeting, and Hidajet Biscevic, surely remember that Carla rolled her eyes while Baji was telling he about pants and that she interrupt him with a sentence: Contact me if you have something more serious. At that time Minister Vesna Skare Ozbolt from circles close to chief of POA Tomislav Karamarko and Main State Attorney Mladen Bajic, was declared as weak chain in Action plan. She was ascribed responsibility for leaking of confidential informations about Petrac and Gotovina in public. It was predicted that Ivo Sanader would throw out Skare Ozbolt from the Government as soon as local elections finish. Today Vesna Skare Ozbolt, after they stop to blame her for leaking of confidential informations and not throwing her out of the Government, but imputing her that she will drown DC in HDZ, what is else Sanader's demand towards her, talks in HTV show Otvoreno that Carla Del Ponte to Croatian autorities always was giving wrong informations about Gotovina's residences in Croatia and that Croatian autorities always fully cooperated with Haag and other stuff. And Hido Biscevic, deputy of Minister of foreign affairs and European integrations, noticed that Gotovina's arrest in Spain is a proof that Croatia was cooperating and that after escape in 2001. he was not in Croatia. Even President Mesic in his announcement of one sentence only stated that «this is proof that Gotovina wasn't in Croatia.» After this I can only think that it is a pity that some politicians didn't start to work in circus prestidigitation. At least they would earn for living in more honourable way. Minister of Justice Vesna Skare Ozbolt confirmed to Gordan Malic that on Memorandum of former chief of POA, Franjo Turek, about spreaders of disinformations that Gotovina is in Croatia, but that POA is not chasing him, she saw photos of journalists and ICTY investigators. Minister's party, Democratic center was among first which supported journalist demand for Parliamentary investigation which confirmed journsalists' justified doubt that Franjo Turek slandered them. He slandered me in way that he claimed that I am spreading information that Gotovina in 2003 was on area of middle Adriatic Sea. Namely, Gotovina was there, so Parliamentary Council concluded that my text was true. That knpws well also Ante Markov, previous President of Parliamentary Council which in June 2003. declared that Croatian secret services are in connection with Ante Gotovina. So about what earlier, before September of this year, Croatian cooperation with Carla Del Ponte in Ante Gotovina case, talk Vesna Skare Ozbolt, Hidajet Biscevic, Stjepan Mesic, Vladimir Seks...? For now I don't have enough relevant informations by which I could reconstruct the real cooperation between Karamarko and Bajic with Carla Del Ponte since September of this year... I have a good hunch that the key of enigma how it get to Gotovina's arrest lies in model by which the same in account of Ivo Sanader managed to persuade Gotovina to leave at the end of August Croatia and B&H. Even Ivan Zvonimir Cicak, self-proclaimed friend of Carla Del Ponte, at the beginning of the year wrote about the plan that Croatian authorities don't intend to arrest Gotovina, but on fraud to force him to go to neighbouring B&H, and then to alarm forces of EUFOR to arrest him by helicopter landing. By my preliminary informations Gotovina on Canaries didn't stayed with fake Croatian passport on name Kristijan Horvat, but he used the passport of USA. Fake or not, I do not know. That he left Croatia with passport about which reported already all world media, is totaly impossible story, only if by agreement with Croatian authorities nobody, neither by chance, could ask for his legitimations. If he was using passport on name of Kristijan Horvat in Spain, he would show himself as totaly stupid and imature, at least for average image of former legionnaire. He couldn't count on that Croatian authorities would protect him in Spain. He could only count that they wouldn't rat on him to Spanish, what appeared to be the truth at the end. But he obviously didn't count on that. Disappointment and humiliation are the main features of his character with handcuffs on his hands. Disappointment because he was betrayed by those who were protecting him and humiliation of soldier, because the point of his escape in great part was absorbing from belief that his myth of invincible warrior would collapse as soon as he is seen with handcuffs on his hands. By my conception only the thief should be affraid of handcuffs. The warrior even with handcuffs on his hand can hold with dignity. It is interesting that Gotovina, although he could do that, in first 24 hours of arrestment, didn't call by phone none of his lawyers, not even to his wife. He called from Madrid one his friend and asked him to look for some other lawyers. By informations that 45 lines has at disposal, chief of POA Tomislav Karamarko even at the beginning of summer started to meet with Ivo Farcic from Gotovina's defender's team. Farcic was engaged by Dunja Zloic Gotovina. Maybe some of these illogicality and coincidences, if a bit more light would be put on it, can give answer on question how Gotovina found himself on Canaries, and from it, across Madrid, flew to Haag. Prime Minister Ivo Sanader and intelligence magus Tomislav Karamarko parallelly to delivering of Gotovina to Haag played for domestic audience. Globus in Wednesday published a text about mentioned preparations of assassination on Sanader. Igor Alborghetti and Mark Cigoj mentioned names of three former secret agents: Ivan Mihaljevic, Josko Buljan and Radovan Palmovic, who got fired because they were under suspicion for being connected with group around Z.M. (Zoni Maksan) which namely in 2004 was preparing assassination on Ivo Sanader. This Globus's discovery should serve as a legitimation to Sanader that he as Racan found himself in front of possibility to be killed because he dared to touch in Gotovina's logistics net, and he unlike Racan, made possible Gotovina's arrest. The story by which Globus wants to cover Sanader, Podbevsek and Karamarko is a bit porous, because also Damir Jukica, who namely the information of preparation of assassination on Sanader gave to Josko Podbevsek, has thrown out of POA. If there was some serious involvement of mentioned three man in planning of assassination, they probably would be left in the system longer untill they set all details of the plan and all planners to put in prison, and not only some of them, less important, move away from the job. What is the funniest thing, about cases Buljan and Palmovic, who asked for protection from Council for internal politics and national security, because of doubts that they were close with some persons for whom is doubted to belong to so called Gotovina's circle, they were fired, wrote a few months ago Hrvatski list. Would some serious participants of assassination conspiracy against Prime Minister, and who were till now almost totaly unknown, dared to go out in public with their story, before they are proclamed? I think they wouldn't here! Our politicians can sell fog as «wolf full and kids whole» - as they solve the question of Gotovina, and that they didn't arrest him themselves, and that he since assumed escape at all wasn't here, but that some circles wanted to kill Sanader, and now wouldn't be right to held public protest for Gotovina, although Sanader was appearing on similar meetings from which openly was threated by heath to Mesic and Racan, but now when Carla Del Ponte has in custody, the most handsome of her three the biggest fugitive beasts, no one stopps her to talk about deal with Croatia about positive thinking for starting negotiations with EU. Especially, because Croatian holders of authority blamed her for not being yet, almost when Slovenia, accepted in EU
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Hans Dietrich Genscher in Zagreb 1992., after international recognition of Croatia

...Tudjman's longtime Minister, Mate Granic declared that Lord Carrington insisted to stop the action and try with humanitarian convoy, but Hans Dietrich Genscher, Minister of foreign affairs of the country the most inclined to Croatia, said to deceased Tudjman that action had to be stopped so Croatia wouldn't be accused for breaking of truce, and that humanitarian way would accelerate international recognition of Croatia, which was the mostly interceded by Germany. To Hans Dietrich Genscher resolute influence on Tudjman to sacrifice Vukovar in military way because of recognition of Croatia, several years before publicly attributed another Tudjman's longtime Minister, Andrija Hebrang. By that we encircle secondsmall cube of mosaic of sacrificing. The third, and by me, still not enough investigated small cube, but maybe because of that crucial for actual political-judicial events, are relations of foreign and domestic secret services connected with questions of Homeland war 1991. On trial to Tihomir Oreskovic, Mirko Norac and Stjepan Grandic for war crime over civilians of Gospic, mostly Serbs, Josip Manolic as a witness of charge, in function of formal chief of all Tudjman's secret services, declared that German secret service, but also German diplomacy (Hans Dietrich Genscher) were opposing to Croatian leadership for tolerating of crimes in Gospic and convincing him that it would terribly slow down recognition of Croatia...

more -> "Vukovar! In spite of!", on Peratović Net, 02.12.2005 and -> "Vukovar! Usprkos!", on 45 lines,02.12.2005.

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Josip Perkovic representative of Intelligence agency in Hungary, Ivan Bandic, gave an interview for Globus without consent of his chief Veselko Grubisic
Ivan Bandic
Ivan Bandic, cousin of Zagreb's mayer, Milan Bandic, whom Haag's accused Ivica Rajic called out by name for suppressing of crime in Stupni Dol by order of general Milivoj Petkovic, gave bigger interview for this weeks' Globus denying Rajic's accusation. Bandic gave a line till now less known details about crimes which he ascribed to Ivica Rajic, and as his orderers marked Mladen Naletilic Tuta, Dario Kordic and deceased Mate Boban. Expressly he eliminate responsibility for crimes from another two Haag's accused, retired generals Milivoj Petkovic and Slobodan Praljak. The interview with Ivan Bandic was made by Gordan Malic, the close one with accused from German APB, Josip Perkovic. That's why it is not strange that in conversation about war crimes in B&H appeared the question is it truth that Boze Vukusic has kidnapped former Mostar's leader of UDBA, Ivan Lasic, who is a witness against Josip Perkovic?
Nikola Kristo
Ivan Bandic confirmed that, adding that Vukusic said that he was dealing with such investigations by order of Vice Vukojevic. Interesting, cousin of Zagreb's mayer also mentioned that Nikola Kristo, who namely has summon on deceased Minister of Defense of Croatia, Gojko Susak, has been dealing with kidnapping of former UDBA men in Herzegovina. That could mean that Josip Perkovic, through Ivan Bandic enters in open war with his former associates, authors of fantastic memorandum of SIS, Nikola Kristo, Antonio Lekic, Ivan Drvis, Miro Laco... Ivan Bandic mentioned that he didn't believe in truthfulness of testimony of Lasic against Perkovic, considering that he was kidnapped. Indicative that Ivan Bandic, who for himself addmits that he by the end of 80's of last century got a job in II administration (responsible for enemy emigration) of Mostar UDBA, denies information from memoirs of Mate Granic, who wrote that deceased cardinal Franjo Kuharic told him that Mladen Naletilic Tuta was cooperator with Counterintelligence service (KOS) of JNA (Yugoslav National Army). Formerly Senad Avdic in Slobodna Bosna published a document of former Yugoslav federal police by which Mladen Naletilic Tuta was their cooperator, on direct line with at that time Minister of Yugoslav police, Petar Gracanin. Bandic's covering of Tuta's cooperation with Yugoslav secret services (whether with KOS or UDBA) goes in favor to Josip Perkovic, because with that is eliminated possibility that Perkovic as chief of Susak's military counterintelligence service SIS knew who Tuta was when Tuta came to Croatia from emigration in Germany. With Bandic's covering is tried to avoid the possibility for public to find out that Veselin Marinov, who came with Tuta from Germany, was double agent: Bulgarian and Yugoslav secret police. Namely, only in that way can be understand why Veselin Marinov, after Tuta was arrested in 1997. in Croatia, accepted to tell everything about crimes which was done by Mladen Naletilic Tuta and members of his of his Convict battalion, including Marinov himself, during the war in B&H, to Perkovic (author of HIS's operation Baracuda).
Jasna Babic
Even Jasna Babic concealled those facts in her book Zagreb's mob, based on Perkovic's documents from action Barakuda, also in chapter where he said that Marinov as an agent of Bulgarian secret service, namely spied Mladen Naletilic Tuta in Germany. By all informations and indications which I collected, and Mladen Naletilic Tuta and Veselin Marinov were double agents. Marinov – Yugoslav and Bulgarian, Mladen Naletilic Tuta – German and Yugoslav. To Franjo Tudjman, Gojko Susak and Josip Perkovic suited using such men (who could be blackmailed) in war in B&H. The problem came only when they got out of control, as it could be seen earlier in Tuta's rampaging across B&H, or rebellion of Stedul's men against Josip Perkovic. Jasna Babic who promoted Ivan Bandic in her book «Blaskic Conspiracy» as agent of HIS, who greatly contributed in defense of general Blaskic by spying in Haag workers of prosecution and international court, and in Saturday in Slobodna Dalmacija is written that there would be no evidence that Josip Perkovic was involved in liquidation of Stjepan Djurekovic. Jasna Babic is led by thesis characteristic for media manipulations which used Anto Nobilo, that lawyers of Krunoslav Prates (by Germans accused that he gave keys of garage to Josip Perkovic in wher Djurekovic was killed) could prove that the killers entered on back door, so that's why it isn't important did Perkovic got keys from his associate Prates. Manipulation is in following: Babic admits that Prates was Perkovic's cooperator, but unfoundedlly claims that she has information about actions of lawyers of Krunoslav Prates. Anyway, she doesn't mention at all who are Prates's lawyers. By information which I heard the other day in VIP netcafe on Petar Preradovic Square, German police two weeks ago arrested another Prates's cooperator and associate of Josip Perkovic, by origin from Osijek and the owner of Bosnian and Herzegovinean passport. A man could get an impression that Babic's text and Malic's interview before anything directed on making fog around Josip Perkovic case, and sending messages to everybody: from Stedul men, through Croatian government, to Krunoslav Prates, that father of counselor of President of Croatia for national security, is ready to violately defense himself through his men in intelligence system of Croatia and his journalists. Namely, Perkovics family tried to use recent visit of President of Croatia to Germany and staying in Croatian embassy in Berlin at ambassador Vesna Cvjetkovic Kurelec, to from there acredditted officer for connection of Intelligence agency with BND, find out what are further steps of German judicature in question of indictment against Josip Perkovic. There was an idea that President Stjepan Mesic personally support by German authorities not to insist on processing of Perkovic, but the advice from embassy in Berlin came, that such Mesic's move by German autorities would be understood as strictly antidiplomatic and antidemocratic, considering that in Germany executive government doesn't interfere in work of judicature, as it is custom in Croatia. At the end, out of all diplomatic customs is public appearance of Ivan Bandic, who is in Hungary officialy on position of general consul of Croatia in Pecs and at the same time he is acredditted officer for connection of Intelligence agency with Hungarian intelligence community. If there was any need to protect Bandic's diplomatic-intelligence status in Hungary from accusations of Ivica Rajic, the Ministry of foreign affairs of Croatia and Intelligence agency could send diplomatic mail in Budapest, by which to Hungarian authorities would be explained what was it all about. Nevertheless, I found out from circles close to Ministry of police, Ivan Bandic didn't wait for protection from master house in Croatia and without permission of his the most superior, chief of OA (IA), Veselko Grubisic, gave an interview for Globus, by what he directly endangered his diplomatic-intelligence status. For reminds is that Dutch police, at the end of 90's arrested Ivan Bandic because under mask of diplomat spied in Netherlands. Jasna Babic in her book «Blaskic Conspiracy» that Bandic's arrestment showed as meanness of Markica Rebic and his SIS people, Stipan Udiljak and Marin Ivanovic, who by that obstructed defense of general Blaskic. It stays unknown, how on Bandic's discreddittation of intelligence community looks by himself close journalists, future and formal chief of all Croatian spies, Tomislav Karamarko.
Ivan Jarnjak, Tomislav Matijevic and Tomislav Karamarko
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