9/30/2005 01:20:00 PM|W|P|Zeljko Peratovic|W|P|
Published on 45 lines on 22 September 2005. Is Ante Gotovina under skirts of franciscans in Krapanj?
Jasna Babic
Now even Jasna Babic in Slobodna Dalmacija started with critics on Catholic Church because of hiding Gotovina, and till recently, writing for Vecerni list, she was pointing at domestic betrayers in intelligence underground, who thought that Gotovina should tell his story in Haag, and that domestic secret services, police not even the church, shouldn't help in his escape. I'm surprised that Babic changed her mind when it is about Gotovina and his helpers, because she way loyal to that team till now. Among Gotovina's logistics, her the greatest favourite, Nikola Kristo, who came into Cedo Prodanovic's office offering that Cermak's lawyer and friend of President Mesic, mediate at ICTY about conditions that Gotovina was offering to talk to Haag's investigators. Nikola Kristo, together with Ante Gotovina, was visitig vicar Zlatko Sudac in Betanija, after what the stigmatic and carismatic priest, concluded that runaway general was a great and kind man and that he shouldn't surrender to ICTY.
Stigmatic Zlatko Sudac, friend of Ante Gotovina
As I can remember, only Mladen Plese, present chief editor of Slobodna Dalmacija, and present chief of Jasna Babic, even in 2002., while they were working together in Nacional, critisized Gotovina's escape, and in context of helper, was mentioning parts of Catholic church. That Plese's text in 2002. confirmed the indications that I was getting, from the field Gotovina was moving on, and from different foreign journalists, who were getting confirmations from their governments. Dear readers of 45 lines, if your memory is correct, President Mesic spoke in 2002. to Pope Ivan Pavao 2, with request that Principal master of Catholic Church calm down those right-sided bishops , who were supporting Gotovina. And then Ante Gotovina through Hrvoje Petrac and Ivo Pukanic, with assisstance of Zeljko Bagic and Franjo Turek, offered to President Mesic a deal which he couldn't refuse. As Carla Del Ponte doesn't fall on charm of Kristijan Horvat (Ante Gotovina), and not even on winking of rather older charmin man, Stjepan Mesic, our President got himself in troubles head over heels, and now swimming out of that dirt, at the times, say something stupid to fence himself from Gotovina and Petrac. Policemen of Ranko Ostojic from Police station of Sibenik-Knin, even in 2002. were supervising island Visovac, because there were informations that friars on that island were guarding Gotovina, that was, made possible for him to move through Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, not stopped by the police, hiding under their dresses. Visovac is under interference of Split's franciscan's province. Nevertheless, friar's monestery on island Krapanj, opposite of Brodarica, is under interference of Zadar's province of Sveti Jeronim and it is not surprising that Zadar's franciscans feel called by name the most in the last interview with Carla Del Ponte. From Krapanj, for Ante Gotovina it was not difficult to sail to Kaprije, where he had holidays in 2003., as it was written. Because of liking that information in public, Franjo Turek, at that time chief of POA, replaced by the end of 2003 the chief of his spy branch – Davor Matesic. All that quotations about shelters on Hvar, Vis or again at fra Petar Krasic in Masna Luka, are only fruit of cooking of present chief of POA, Tomislav Karamarko, so the binoculars for Gotovina would turn on other side – where he is not. Also the trousers found in Italy and many other examples about which I on 45 lines wrote in details, because Karamarko didn't let me to write about that in Vjesnik.
|W|P|112808114744106596|W|P|Gotovina under franciscan's skirts|W|P|9/30/2005 12:41:00 PM|W|P|Zeljko Peratovic|W|P|
Vjesnik Monday, 10. November 2003
Is the chief of POA in Sibenik replaced because of Gotovina
According to one explanation, Davor Matesic is replaced because he didn't collect evidences for defense of runaway retired general Ante Gotovina, and according to another, because he didn't prevent liking of information about last summer Gotovina's staying on Kaprije island, near Sibenik/Council for civilian supervision of secret services is the only one authorised to investigate that case ZAGREB, 9th November – Franjo Turek, chief of Counterintelligence service (POA), replaced Davor Matesic, the chief of Sibenik's branch of POA, several days after dissolution of Croatian Parliament. By that, intelligence analysts say, he finished the process of cleaning in POA, using Parliamentry vacuum, till foundation of another convocation of Parliament and forming Parliamentary Committee for internal politics and national security, under which authorisation are secret services. Unofficially, exactly from circles of former members that Parlamentary Committee, can be heared complaints on Turek's move, which is evaluated as political, because Matesic was considered as a man of Minister of police, Sime Lucin. «While POA was under authorisation of Ministry of police (MUP), Sime Lucin didn't let Turek to touch Matesic. It is well known that Sime Lucin and Ivan Ninic, the member of Parliamentary Committee for national security, was against confirming Turek for chief of POA, and for a while that was also done by Prime Minister, Ivica Racan. Turek has used Parliamentary vacuum and by replacement of Matesic touched those who were against him», explains to Vjesnik a source close to former Parliamentary Committee for internal politics and national security. Formally, Matesic's replacement was explained by bad working results and bad human relations in Sibenik's branch of POA. Unofficially was added that it was taken against Matesic weak engagement in collecting evidences which could help in defense of runaway retired general Ante Gotovina in ICTY, in operation led by special advisor for national security of President of Croatia, Zeljko Bagic, main state attorney, Mladen Bajic and chief of POA, Franjo Turek. The Vjesnik's source added that Matesic's replacement could have something with Gotovina case, but in connection of statement of Carla Del Ponte in Luxembourgh that runaway general was on vacation last summer on one yacht in Mediterranean. As Vjesnik wrote, some sources claimed that the yacht with Gotovina was anchored near Sibenik's island Kaprije. The source close to former Parliamentary Committee emphasizes that Turek, among other things, took against Matesic because that information appeared in public. When once in Slobodna Dalmacija was published document of SZUP (former name of POA, auth. remark) that till recently President of Parliamentary Committee for national security, HSS man, Ante Markov, was reserve worker of that service, Franjo Turek personally accused Matesic for being responsible because that document appeared in public.
Ante Markov
«But, then Turek didn't have prooves for that accusation, and Matesic was under Lucin's protection, so no replacement could be done, which recentla happened», explains Vjesnik's source. During Matesic was chief of Sibenik's POA, he was intimidated twice by shooting on the building he lived in. As Vjesnik founds out, on Matesic certain pressures was made by Milan Malenica, while he was chief of VOA (Military-intelligence agency). Malenica's chief, Gordan Cacic, gave him a promotion and now he is employee of management of that agency in Zagreb. President of Council fo civilian supervision of secret services, prof.dr. Vlatko Cvrtila, announced that the body, which in Parliamentary vacuum is only authorised for control of secret services, would visit all secret services, to get familiar with their work and check whether they work by law. Is in case of replacement of Davor Matesic was any illegal moves of Franjo Turek, it will be known after finishing work of inspection of Council for civilian supervision of secret services. Zeljko Peratovic
|W|P|112807917926519787|W|P|Epilogues Gotovina's escape|W|P|9/29/2005 01:00:00 AM|W|P|Zeljko Peratovic|W|P|
Kroatische journalist met de dood bedreigd
Brussel Van onze medewerker Peter Dupont
De Kroatische onderzoeksjournalist Zeljko Peratovic wordt met de dood bedreigd omwille van zijn onthullende reportages. Daarom verloor de man vorige maand ook zijn baan bij de overheidskrant Vjesnik. Zijn vrouw en kind zijn intussen naar Zwitserland gevlucht. “Dit soort incidenten kan de EU-toetreding van Kroatië in de weg staan,” zeggen europarlementsleden Bart Staes (Groen!) en Saïd El Khadraoui (Sp.a).
Een maand geleden werd de Kroatische journalist Zeljko Peratovic bij de overheidskrant Vjesnik de laan uitgestuurd. De man mailde gisteren een wanhopig appel naar de organisatie ‘Reporters zonder grenzen’ omdat hij vreest voor zijn leven en dat van zijn vrouw en kind. Peratovic ontvangt immers al een hele tijd doodsbedreigingen. De laatste weken worden ze heel expliciet. “Ze komen van een Kroaat die afwisselend in Canada en Zwitserland woont. Een hevige aanhanger van de door het Joegoslaviëtribunaal in Den Haag gezochte oorlogsmisdadiger Ante Gotovina. De politie doet niets.” Maar er is meer: sinds de journalist door de Kroatische binnenlandse veiligheidsdienst POA ervan beschuldigd werd voor de Britse geheime dienst MI6 te werken, wordt hij voortdurend geïntimideerd en lastiggevallen. “Op straat, in de bus, op café. ’s Nachts word ik voortdurend gebeld..”
Peratovic fishing in Slavonia
De fout van de veelgelauwerde journalist is dat hij al erg kritisch schrijft over de manier waarop Kroatië met het recente oorlogsverleden omgaat. Het was Peratovic die ontdekte dat Milan Levar in 2000 op bevel van politici uit Zagreb in 2000 was vermoord. Omdat Levar als enige het Joegoslaviëtribunaal informeerde over de massamoord op Servische burgers in het Kroatische dorp Gospic. En hoewel Peratovic alles wat hij opspitte ook overdroeg aan de politie, bracht het onderzoek nauwelijks iets op. De moordenaar van Levar woont nog steeds in het dorp. Peratovic legde ook de links bloot tussen de POA, de georganiseerde misdaad en de wapen- en drugssmokkel. Daarbij was ook de Belgische huurling en wapenhandelaar Marty Cappiau betrokken. Hij werd in 2001 na een succesvol uitgevoerde huurmoord op maffiabaas Vjeko Slisko afgemaakt in de straten van Zagreb. Cappiau’s naam viel ook geregeld in verband met wapenleveringen van de Kroatische wapenfabriek IM Metal in Frankrijk en de DPS (Département Protection Sécurité) de privé-militie van Jean-Marie Le Pen.
Ante Gotovina, Mirko Norac & Ivan Andabak
Peratovic belichtte ook de rol van de generaalsmaffia: de drie gewezen oorlogsgeneraals Ante Roso, Ivan Andabak en Ante Gotovina. Vooral de onthullende krantenartikelen over deze laatste, voor veel Kroaten een oorlogsheld, zetten veel kwaad bloed. Peratovic voerde immers aan dat de Kroatische regering al lang op de hoogte is van het verblijf van deze gezochte oorlogsmisdadiger. Deze is nog altijd gelinkt aan leger en veiligheidsdiensten én houdt zelfs contact met de Kroatische regering. Net zoals enkele andere gezochte Kroaten wordt hij door het overheidsapparaat uit de handen van het Joegoslaviëtribunaal gehouden, aldus Peratovic. De Kroatische overheid kan daar, met de EU-toenadering in het verschiet, niet mee lachen. “Iedereen weet dat Gotovina nu in Herzegovina zit, in Siroki Brijeg. Premier Sanader was er onlangs nog. Officieel voor een voetbalmatch en om de medestanders van Gotovina te overtuigen hun steun te stoppen. Eigenlijk was een grote show voor Carla del Ponte, de hoofdaanklaagster van het tribunaal in Den Haag. Zo van: we doen ons best.”
Bart Staes
De POA viel de journalist het afgelopen jaar voortdurend lastig. ”Samen met vijf andere journalisten - Gordan Malic (Globus), Ivanka Toma, Marijo Kavain (beide Jutarnji list) en Ivica Djikic (Feral Tribune) – werd ik door de voormalige chef van de veiligheidsdienst beschuldigd van samenwerking met de Britse geheime dienst MI6. De Kroatische veiligheidsdienst POA heeft ons maanden afgeluisterd en bespioneerd. De Kroatische regering was daarvan op de hoogte.“ Vanaf september 2004 veranderde de situatie voor Peratovic op de krant Vjesnik. Peratovic: “Onder druk van het hoofd van de POA, Tomislav Karamarko, werd ik steeds meer geïsoleerd en werden mijn teksten zwaar gecensureerd of verschenen ze niet. Op de redactie werd ik behandeld als een buitenlandse spion. Mensen werden opgezweept om de ‘verrader’ aan te pakken. Ik begon voor mijn veiligheid te vrezen. Het lynchen van mensen door een meute was in dit land tot voor kort heel gebruikelijk. Op een moment dat ik voor een operatie het ziekenhuis in moest, kreeg ik bericht dat ik kon opstappen. Pleidooien van Kroatische politici en NGO’s hielpen niets. Vjesnik is immers een overheidskrant, management en directeur zijn aangesteld door de overheid.” Peratovic leeft momenteel geheel geïsoleerd in zijn flat in Zagreb. “Bang, zonder financiële middelen en nog steeds ziek. Deze keer van angst.”
Saïd El Khadraoui
Reporters Zonder Grenzen Oostenrijk stuurde intussen tevergeefs een woedende brief naar Vjesnik. In België zijn de europarlementsleden Bart Staes (Groen!) en Saïd El Khadraoui (Sp.a) van plan om de zaak Peratovic op te volgen. “Dit soort praktijken is absoluut ontoelaatbaar, zeker voor een land dat tot de EU wil toetreden” zegt Bart Staes. “De Europese groenen zullen hier werk van maken. Samen met mijn Nederlandse collega Joost Langendijk van GroenLinks, tevens Balkan-specialist, zal ik zien welke stappen we zullen ondernemen. Saïd El Khadraoui wacht met spanning op het rapport dat Carla del Ponte einde september bekend maakt. “Toch is het al een tijd duidelijk dat de rol van de Kroatische inlichtingendienst heel dubieus is. Recente incidenten tussen de overheid en de media maken duidelijk dat persvrijheid een ijdel begrip is in Kroatië. Op dat vlak kan Europa zich geen flexibiliteit veroorloven. Je kunt niet aan Turkije een ander signaal geven dan aan Kroatië. Net zomin als je Gotovina kan laten lopen, maar wel aan de Serviërs eisen dat ze Karadzic uitleveren.”
|W|P|112794760571382820|W|P|Karamarko, Gotovina, Kroatië|W|P|12/08/2005 04:09:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous Marco|W|P|Tjeerzzz for this blog. I linked it from our own page. We have written a lot about the post war situation and have contact with grassroot groups over there.

One friend wrote this letter:

This is the english version:
http://eurodusnie.nl/nationalisme/brief-uit-pristina.html9/10/2005 01:50:00 PM|W|P|Zeljko Peratovic|W|P|
Vjesnik Ltd. Slavonska avenija 4 10 000 Zagreb att: President of the board Franjo Maletic, jur. Employee: Zeljko Peratovic from Zagreb, III Pile 25 DEMAND FOR PROTECTION OF RIGHTS IN LABOUR RELATION Dear Sirs, On the day 16th of August 2005. I received the Resolution of Management of Irregular dismissal of working contract. I suggest that you put out of order this Resolution of Management from 4th August, because most of the contents in Explanation of it is not according to the facts. Conected with Your opening remark that I was in 2002. warned from former Management that I didn't fulfill obligations in accordance with Regulations of work, I must remind You that I in Declaration to Employment council from 28th July, and in declaration to You from 3th August, said that in the very misunderstanding with editorial office at that time, the best informations could be heard from at that time chief editor of Vjesnik, Kresimir Fijacko, and his deputy, Miroslav Lezaja. Colleague Lezaja, on the news that Management wants to give me dismissal, among others, guiding by Warning from 2002., said that he is personally ready testify that was misunderstanding, after my cooperation with editorial office got better on mutual benefit. Anyway, at that time third man of editorial office, executive editor, Zlatko Herljevic, suggested several of my texts from Vjesnik in 2003., about Gotovina affair, for award Marija Juric Zagorka, in subcategory for investigative journalism. Some of the texts that I have published in 2002. in Vjesnik, were rewarded from Reporters without borders of Austria, by award Press Freedom Award 2003. So I suggest once more to, from former editorial stuff, try to find out directly what kind of worker I was. It is true that in Feral Tribune on 22 July 2005. was published big interview with Pavle Gazi, which I signed, and that I didn't have written approval for that. Also, I must remind, that in my declarations to Empolyment council from 28 July and to You, as a President of the board since 3 August, I have pointed out all circumstances how it came to that I have behaved contrary to Working contract. I consider that in those declarations, wishing to clear misunderstandings, cleared enough circumstances because of which I made mistakes, and the copies of the same I send to you again. From your Explanation I don't see that you during making decision about my Irregular dismissal, consulted my declarations at all, and that you even give untruth states that I have denied to defense myself. The truth is that I couldn't come on conversation with Mr Ivica Kriletic in Juridicial service on 1 August, because I was on sick leave, what he knew personally, because he, from hands of my brother, Mladen Peratovic, got doctor's note of excuse. Also, at that time, my doctor recomended me avoiding contacts with stress factors, and my medical condition was in great part result of mobbing which I have experienced in editorial office, so my brother instead of me gave the note of excuse.
Ms. Gordana Tintor
My defense I gave to Employment council (Working council) in written form on 28 July, my witness for that was colleague Gordana Tintor from the council. She asked from me, in front of council, to give special declaration also to You, what I have done in written form on 3 August and have sent by fax. So, it is not truth the state in Explanation that I have defaulted on call to give my defense, what except colleague Tintor, can also confirm other witnesses. Considering that this kind of Irregular dismissal can be interpreted as finish of process of mobbing, which was done towards me in time of this Management and former chief editor, Andrea Latinovic, latest since September 2004. till now, I suggest to put this resolution out of order.
Ms. Marijana Matkovic
The editor Marijana Matkovic, whom on 22 July I informed about serious death threats, which I reported to police the same day, told me that Management and editorial office got for perusal my Suggestion of settlement to State attorney's office of Croatia, connected with POA case. She didn't pay attention on the fact that I got death threats, but she pointed out that in Management and editorial office were very furious with me when they saw that I have in Suggestion of settlement described mobbing in Vjesnik, and that after that interview in Feral I would get Irregular dismissal for sure. This is another proof which would go in favour of thesis that my dismissal in Vjesnik was preparing earlier than I made a mistake with interview in Feral. Moreover, I don't have the information whether Management was legaly informed about the contents of my Suggestion of settlement and what was said about the contents which were related to Vjesnik. Because of all this mentioned, I suggest to the Management to examine once more the resolution about Irregular dismissal and to put it out of order. In Zagreb, 29th August 2005. employee Zeljko Peratovic Enclosures: 1. Declaration to President of the Board from 3th August 2. Declaration to Employment council of Vjesnik P Ltd. from 28th July 3. Vjesnik's printout of working version of text about murder of Stjepan Djurekovic from 11th July, which was ordered, but without explanation, not published
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Best regards!9/10/2005 01:36:00 AM|W|P|Zeljko Peratovic|W|P|
Vjesnik Ltd. Slavonska avenija 4 10 000 Zagreb President of the board: FRANJO MALETIC Telephone: 61 61 700 Fax: 36 41 606
Franjo Maletic
Dear Sir, I, Zeljko Peratovic, beneath signed journalist of column Croatia in daily newspapers Vjesnik, on recommendation of Employment council of Vjesnik Ltd., submit to you declaration about your Suggestion from 25 July 2005. to give me Irregular dismissal of working contract because of heavy violation of working duty, and which on 28 July 2005. I submited to Employment council on its demand. On that date, when I have sent an official letter to the Council, I was told that Management would be informed about that. However, the next day, on 29 July 2005. I got a phone call from Mr Kriletic from Vjesnik's management office to come and collect my dismissal letter. I told him that I couldn't because I was in surgery, because of previous mobbing in editorial office, death threats from Switzerland which I reported to police, and about what Novi list was writing, death of my mother, and notice that I would be dismissed, I got sick. Mr Kriletic told me to come to see him on 1st August of this year in 9:00. I answered that I would do that if I could. On specialist check up on 30 July 2005. on xxx xxx, in xxx xxx, my status of sick leave from 29 July of this year opened in surgery of dr. xxx xxx, and strictly confirmed in diagnosis to cure myself at home with family and that I must keep away from all stress situations. Among others, stress situations are above described my position in Vjesnik's office. All this you can check by the mentioned doctors, that is institutions, and medical file I can't submit to you, because it is considered as medical secret. Considering that Employment council didn't find necessary to inform you about mentioned declaration, I will do that personally, no matter further steps of Management, connected with announcement that I will get Irregular dismissal of working contract. Best regards, Journalist Zeljko Peratovic In Zagreb, 3 August 2005
|W|P|112631198609930693|W|P|Franjo Maletic - Vjesnik|W|P|9/10/2005 01:03:00 AM|W|P|Zeljko Peratovic|W|P|
Employment council of Vjesnik Ltd.
Zagreb,28 July 2005
Subject: Declaration about Resolution of Management of Vjesnik Ltd. from 25 July this year to give to journalist Zeljko Peratovic Irregular dismissal of working contract because of heavy violation of working duty
Dear Sir, I, beneath signed journalist of internal politics editorial office of Vjesnik, Zeljko Peratovic, in this way, want to explain my point of view of circumstances which Management gives as a reason to give me Irregular dismissal of working contract. The interview with Pavle Gazi, socialistic Minister of police in Socialistic Republic of Croatia (1982./1983.) published in weekly magazine Feral Tribune nr. 1035, under title Djurekovic is killed outside of protocol, I consider as my work of authorship (that's why it is not under pseudonym). Since 1983. till today Mr Gazi gave only two interviews, both to me. One for Fokus in 2000., and another could be published in Vjesnik, if editorial office wanted that. I made the interview on my own expense, travelling on non-working day, by friend's car in Koprivnica, where Mr Gazi lives, taking photos with my own camera, using my own film, and paying for the photographs. At the same time, the interview is written and sent to editorial office of Feral out of working hours in Vjesnik. By this I want to say that I don't think that I, by any material means, damaged Vjesnik by publishing Gazi's interview in magazine Feral Tribune. I addmit that I have violated the term of working contract, which says that it is allowed to the journalists of Vjesnik to cooperate with other medias exclusively with consent of employer, that is editorial office.
Editor Zoran Vodopija
Considering the importance of theme which Mr Gazi was talking about, and the fact that I have previously talked with him about murder of Stjepan Djurekovic for Vjesnik (enclosure 1.) by previous agreement with chief editor, Andrea Latinovic, editor Zoran Vodopija, editor Nada Dmitrovic and assisstant of director for editorial office, dr. Goran Popovic, and as that arranged conversation for Vjesnik wasn't done, and I got no explanation from mentioned people, and asked for it from dr. Popovic and editor Dmitrovic, leading the principle of freedom of reporting, and also law regulations which forbid censorship, extended conversation from Vjesnik, made on my expense, I published in Feral Tribune.
The text for Vjesnik was written on 11 July 2005. in 14:54, and chief editor took a look at it in 15:14 and by words of editor Nada Dmitrovic, forbided its publishing without any explanation. I was ready, in accordance with higher professional standards or new Vjesnik's general editorial approach, remodel mentioned text, write new, or make for Vjesnik only interview with Pavle Gazi, about I have talked on 12 July 2005 with assisstant of director for editorial office, dr. Goran Popovic. He promised me that he would talk with chief editor Andrea Latinovic, connected with this problem, and that I would be informed about everything on time. By the way, I told him about series of problems that I had in communication with at that days chief editor, starting with September 2005, when she accused me publicly that on my text were coming complaints and to the director Franjo Maletic. About these complaints to dr. Popovic you can find out more in one part of my Suggestion to State attorney's office of Croatia for peaceful settlement of dispute, connected with result of violation of human rights, which I experienced from Counterintelligence agency, and what was officialy recognised byCouncil for internal politics and national security of Croatian Parliament (enclosure 2.). I informed dr. Popovic that I, because of mobbing which I was exposed to by at that time chief editor Andrea Latinovic, was forced to be two months on sick leave, that was, psychiatric medical treatment, in May and June of this year. It was medicaly proved, and that can confirm also my doctor, that journalist profession is specific, and that censorship and mobbing, that is, impossibility of writing and publishing, can cause serious mental damages.
So, as at that days chief editor or assisstant of director, and other editors, couldn't explain what would happen with my text about murder of Stjepan Djurekovic, which exactly today gets great international dimension, I thought that on written approval to that, or expanded text on the same theme, to publish somewhere else, I might wait or till death of Mr Gazi or probably till change of whole editorial management and structure of Vjesnik, or God save, till closing the newspapers, and what I thought was contrary to all journalist principals of in due time and truthful reporting.
Rikard Pompe (left) and Zlatko Herljevic (right) with orphans
Conected with complaint that I in 2002. also got warning about possible Irregular dismissal of working contract from at that time director Rikard Pompe, I ask from Employment council to ask fo opinion about that at that time chief editor Kresimir Fijacko, his deputy Miroslav Lezaja, and executive editor Zlatko Herljevic, who in 2003 propose me in name of Vjesnik's branch in Croatian journalist association for its award for investigative journalism. Reporters without borders of Austria awarded me with international award for investigative journalism Press Freedom – Signal für Europa 2003, partly thanks to texts published exactly in Vjesnik. Best regards, Zeljko Peratovic
|W|P|112630857151646972|W|P|Irregular dismissal - Vjesnik|W|P|9/09/2005 11:03:00 PM|W|P|Zeljko Peratovic|W|P|

THE POLICE ADMINISTRATION OF ZAGREB Organized crime Departmen, Zagreb, Heinzlova 89

SUBJECT: Peratovic Zeljko – criminal charge, supplement to criminal charge I Zeljko Peratovic, the journalist in Vjesnik, submited on 22 July 2005. to VIIIth Police station criminal charge against unknown persons, who have threatened the appointed with death. This station has passed on the criminal charge to Organized crime Department of Police administration of Zagreb. The wife of Zeljko Peratovic, Nada Peratovic, is a citizen of Switzerland and she informed about those threats to Zeljko Peratovic, embassy of Switzerland in Zagreb and she is in constant contact with authorities of that embassy.

Towards cognitions of Zeljko Peratovic, the threats are sent by e-mail from Switzerland in Solothurn. And death threats were sent by Max Soldo (nick name: Ante_Gotovina). Enclosed we send you the threats sent by e-mail (8 pages). II We ask from you to pass on the copy of criminal charge to attorney's office, which Zeljko Peratovic submited on record by VIII Police station in Zagreb. We also please that this attorney's office get informed about this case and in which stage of process is criminal charge, which was submited by Zeljko Peratovic. attorney Luka Susak Iblerov trg 6/2, Zagreb In Zagreb, 29 July 2005.

|W|P|112630141430308429|W|P|Threats from Switzerland|W|P|11/08/2005 05:18:00 AM|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|Get your site heard in our florida phone directory
Make us your homepage and read the daily updated articles.9/04/2005 07:46:00 PM|W|P|Zeljko Peratovic|W|P|

In einem erzürnten Schreiben erinnern die "Reporter ohne Grenzen" den Direktor des Vjesnik (Franjo Maletic op.z.p.) daran, dass Peratovic gerade für seine Recherchen mit hohen internationalen Auszeichnungen bedacht wurde, darunter auch dem der eigenen Organsiation (er bekam den Press Freedom Award 2003). Slobodan Snajder, Wissen ist Ohnmacht

Reporter ohne Grenzen Österreich Reporter ohne Grenzen Österreich ist eine regierungsunabhängige Menschenrechtsorganisation mit Beraterstatus bei Europarat, UN-Menschenrechtskommission, UNESCO und seit 2002 bei den Vereinten Nationen in Wien als Repräsentant für Reporter ohne Grenzen International akkreditiert.
Herrn Direktor Franjo Maletic Redakcija "Vjesnik" HR-10000 Z a g r e b
Wien, am 17. August 2005
Sehr geehrter Herr Direktor Maletic! Wie wir erfahren haben, ist unser Kollege und Preisträger Zeljko Peratovic aus der Redaktion des "Vjesnik" entlassen worden. Peratovic ist über die Grenzen Kroatiens und besonders in Österreich bekannt geworden, weil er unerschrocken über Kriegsverbrechen berichtet hat. Seine regelmäßige Berichterstattung über die Vorgänge in Gospic hat ihm in Wien den Internationalen Journalistenpreis „Press Freedom Award 2003“ der Organisation „Reporter ohne Grenzen Österreich“ (Sektion von Reporters sans frontières Paris) beschert. Uns war schon damals bekannt, dass Herr Peratovic Drohungen und Belästigungen durch Extremisten ausgesetzt war. Daran hat sich auch in der Zwischenzeit nichts geändert. Herr Peratovic hat sich nach eigenem Bekunden sogar genötigt gesehen, seine Frau und seine kleine Tochter aus Sicherheitsgründen in die Schweiz zu schicken. Wir bitten Sie höflich, uns die Gründe für die Entlassung von Zeljko Peratovic mitzuteilen und hoffen natürlich, dass Sie nichts mit den Widerständen gegen seine unerschrockene Berichterstattung zu tun haben. Darüber hinaus würden wir uns freuen, wenn Sie im Sinne professioneller Solidarität Herrn Peratovic den Schutz und die Unterstützung angedeihen lassen würden, auf die wir alle so angewiesen sind. Mit kollegialen Grüßen Dr. Rubina Möhring Präsidentin von Reporter ohne Grenzen Österreich A-1050 Wien, Margaretenstraße 70 E-Mail: info@rog.at Anlage: Laudatio Preisverleihung Press Freedom Award 2003
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Hrvoje Petrac is a big hole in Action plan
Exactly on 10.07.2004. in Vjesnik, under title: NOBODY WANTS TO BE CONNECTED WITH HRVOJE PETRAC, I published:

By the latest unofficial informations, Hrvoje Petrac is hiding in Greece for kidnaping general Vladimir Zagorac's son, where recently, totaly unofficialy was one person from the top of OA.

That person was Sasa Perkovic, at that time, assisstant of chief of POA, Damir Loncaric, and today he is advisor of President Stjepan Mesic for national security, else son of Josip Perkovic, the most powerful Croatian spy, for whom Boze Vukusic says that he is under German investigation about murder of Stjepan Djurekovic. Sasa Perkovic, while he was in Greece, had a little car accident, his official car war damaged, what caused little problems with police, because Perkovic junior was there unofficialy, that means, he was not registrated with domestic authorities, so contrariwise to international diplomatic-intelligence regulations.And OA at that time didn't have in Greece no accreditted intelligence attache in embassy in Athens. Considering that Sasa Perkovic, during first Petrac's escape to police in 2001., together with Ranko Ostojic, former chief of police, visited Hrvoje near Villach, after what the controverse tycoon appeared in Zagreb and gave statement to the police in Heinzlova Street that he had nothing with murder of Vjeko Slisko, it was not difficult to conclude that assisstant of chief of OA stayed in Greece to conntact with Petrac. Conntacts of Ranko Ostojic and Sasa Perkovic during first escape with Petrac, later a few months ago, described Ivo Pukanic, as it could be considered as Petrac's warning. Through Pukanic also was warned chief of POA, Tomislav Karamarko by information in which was claimed that Karamarko, at the beginning of 90-ties, by intervention of Damir Loncaric, became subtenant at Alica Petrac, that means Petrac's. That authorities knew all the time where was heading now arrested tycoon, as they knew Matekovic's moving, and they surely knew where Gotovina was, confirmed also my another text in Vjesnik from 26th July 2004.:Will Petrac after surrender go to hospital? (on croatian at this link):

Hrvoje Petrac, businessman after whom is Interpol's APB because of accusation that he participated in kidnaping of retired general Vladimir Zagorac's son, and to whom was prohibited entering in countries of EU, because there were suspicions that he helped runaway general Ante Gotovina, could be back to Croatia these days. The source from judicial circles said for Vjesnik that about that case are informed in Supreme state attorney's office and Ministry of police, and these days in those institutions are held consultations about the model of Petrac's «surrender»... Vjesnik's source claims that persons close to Hrvoje Petrac about new diagnosis conntacted with authorized doctors in Zagreb's hospitals Sestre milosrdnice (Sisters of mercy) and Sveti duh. For Petrac the staying abroad was made worse, not only because of Interpol's APB, but also because of decision of Union, which prohibited entering in countries members.

Those consultations were in Kuniscak (Intelligence Agency), in office of Damir Loncaric, and there were supposedly Principal state attorney, Mladen Bajic, highly ranked person in Ministry of police, Vladimir Faber and some of doctors from mentioned hospitals. After publishing this text, Faber travelled half-incognito out of country. But then there was no Petrac's surrender, and I found out that attorney, Milenko Umicevic, is very interested in my writing. As in Greece were held Olympic Games, because of danger of many securities, Hrvoje Petrac transfered himself to Israel. Supposedly later he was moving between Israel, Greece, Turkey, Malta and Croatia. When this year in April, journalists close to chief of POA, Tomislav Karamarko said that Hrvoje Petrac was in Israel, and that he would be arrested any moment, spoke President Mesic, who was often connected with runaway tycoon, and what I registrated in text:Mesic's campaign of support to Petrac (on croatian at this link):
By Croatian President Stjepan Mesic, to runaway tycoon condemned on six years of prison for kidnaping of general Zagorac's son, the trial should be repeted, because he was condemned in absence. Asked about informations that Hrvoje Petrac was in Israel, Mesic said that great suspicions that he was exactly there, but that was not for sure. Besides, he emphasized,that there were no evidences that Petrac was involved in financing escape or staying of general Gotovina abroad. I haven't seen any evidence, there are only suspicions, said Mesic, emphasizing that Petrac should come to Croatia. He said that Petrac was condemned in absence, and the trial should be repeted after his arrival.
Because of all that, I personaly don't believe that actual arrests of Ico Matekovic and Hrvoje Petrac are result of some serious work of our police and secret services and cooperation with their international partners, as Principal state attorney, Mladen Bajic, and President Stjepan Mesic claim, or it is about serious achievments of Action plan, which should fascinate Carla Del Ponte and Ministers of foreign affairs in EU. First, it is only matter of actions of government, for which was enough only political will, which wasn't there before. Second, in repeted trial, which was announced by President Mesic, when he was hoping that Ivica Crnic would stay the President of Supreme court (which decides about repeted trial or cancellation of first instance verdict) Hrvoje and Novica Petrac, also as Ico Matekovic, could be liberated. It is enough that three convicts, who didn't appeal on verdicts in repeted trial as witnesses change their testimonies and all evidences against the three mentioned are wasted. Unofficialy there are speculations that Ico Matekovic pull chain with Hrvoje Petrac and that all guilt for kidnaping of Zagorac's son will put on him, and based on that those who believe in honest intentions and professional moves of government, will think that Hrvoje Petrac will stay in prison really for a long time. Partly those speculations have basis in statements of Djurdja Matekovic, who said that her sons came to protect her from Petrac's and Zagorac's men. On that way Djurdja Matekovic confirmed that she knew that Ico was in Croatia, but she revealed unintentionally, that other two sons, condemned on less years in prison, were also in country. That Petrac could put Matekovic under pressure can be read from text of Dean Sinovcic, in these weeks Nacional, who wrote, among other things, that during las six months Zagorac's telephone has been tapped, and in one caught conversation, Ico Matekovic, supposedly said to Vladimir Zagorac that he owned him 750.000 € of ransome for son. Nevertheless, crime report experts from Zagreb's coffee shop Kapuciner, say that was impossible that police tapped for last six months Zagorac's telephone, in other words, if it was done by POA and really registrated that conversation, it can't be evidence in court. So, Ico Matekovic has no reason to worry and he doesn't have to testify against Petrac. Further, by death of Davorin Firis, disappeared only known evidence about connection of Hrvoje Petrac and Ante Gotovina. Namely, USKOK recently found out that Davorin Firis, as a director of Petrac's casino Vega concealed great amount of taxes, and there were doubts that money was used for financing escape of Ante Gotovina. Firis recently died in suspicious car accident and through him can't be any more connected Petrac and Gotovina. So, President Mesic was a prophet when he said several months ago that he didn't know about any evidences about their connections. Why then Carla Del Ponte and Ministers of foreign affairs in EU should believe that Croatia is doing serious efforts on fulfilling Action plan which final goal is deliver Ante Gotovina in Haag?! -Anyway, if you caught these two men so fast, we don't believe that you are not capable to do that with Gotovina, is the most possible answer that will come from Carla and EU Ministers. And as sources close to ICTY say that Haag's court is not fascinated by Osjek's investigation of war crimes in 1991/92., that is, they are not interested in swop Branimir Glavas for Ante Gotovina.
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Investigation of German police and judicature for murder of well-known Croatian emigrant Stjepan Djurekovic in 1983. in München, which was organised by Yugoslav secret police, didn't stop on recent arrest of former Yugo-agent Krunoslav Prates. Vukusic reveales in front of German police these days gave testimony again Boze Vukusic, who did it once, together with president of HSP, Anto Djapic, considering that Djapic's uncle was also murdered in Germany. Vukusic revealed to us that investigation is on against Josip Perkovic , former chief of Yugoslav Service of state security and former assisstant of Minister of defense, whose son Sasa is today advisor for national security of President Stipe Mesic. Zvonimir Despot, Večernji list, 31. 08. 2005.

There has passed more than month and a half since I was rejected in Vjesnik to publish a text on this theme, in which only Josip Perkovic of all called interlocutors (Josip Boljkovac, Josip Manolic and Pavle Gazi gave statements) refused to give statement what he thought about doubts on his account. Perkovic called me on 12th July, when text didn't come out, and merely informed me that the day before, when I called him and left him messages on answering machine, just ran out of battery in mobile phone, so he didn't hear me. He suggested to meet him in couple of days with one journalist (who would probably be guarantee that he would not make threats again or a witness that he didn't make threats to me), because he needs time to remember things from 1992., and that all are KOS's frauds of Branko Trazivuk, and Ivan Lasic...
By Ivo Pukanic: Josip Perkovic and Ivan Lasic in Institute of state safety in Belgrade in 1986. in occasion of retiring of Predrag Djordjevic
Meanwhile in Globus was published text by Gordan Malic , in which case Djurekovic-Prates-Perkovic presented as conflict of German secret service with British. Malic's thesis was that German intelligence service put Perkovic under pressure, because it was known that Perkovic cooperated with British intelligence service in hunt on Gotovina. Malic promote Josip and Sasa Perkovic as hunters on Gotovina, publishing parts of Turek's presentation, concluding that two of them were also on Turek's list of persons considered as cooperators of British intelligence service. I thought that Turek was cleverer, but he put me also on the same list, and also Perkovic's biggest public abnegator from lines of intelligence community, Dragutin Franciskovic. Franciskovic even today claims that Susak and Perkovic made paralel commanding system in HV (Croatian army) which controlled, encouraged, non-processing... crimes and criminal acts in HV.
Only several years after celebration in Belgrade's center of UDBA, Josip Perkovic became the right hand of Croatian Minister of defense, Gojko Susak. On the left in the picture with them is the third man of paralel commanding line, retired general Mate Lausic.
The results of Malic's text are the following facts:
1. Sasa Perkovic suddenlly became advisor of President Mesic for national security. 2. Ranko Ostojic is a candidate for director of Slobodna Dalmacija. 3. The State attorney's office didn't acknowledge to me violated human rights in case Turek's Presentation. 4. Dragutin Franciskovic is still dragging on courts with Globus, who is from pen of Gordan Malic and Igor Alborghetti declared for chief of intelligence underground, which disinforms Carla Del Ponte that Ante Gotovina is in Croatia. In that text Malic and Alborghetti called themselves upon evidences of POA, which were collected by Franjo Turek. They didn't mention Perkovic as a part of that underground. And here is the text from Vjesnik which Andrea Latinovic, without any explanation, refused to publish (she probably realised if she talks more, she only accumulates arguments against herself) , and which initiated that Franjo Maletic, director of Vjesnik dismiss me: Djurekovic's murder and Friedrich Zimmermann Despot in Vecernji list speculates that possible trial to Josip Perkovic for participating in murder of Stjepan Djurekovic might be in Croatia, because our country does not deliver its citizens (except to ICTY). I doubt that our judicature could handle such burden.
Josip Perkovic, Celestin Sardelic, Miroslav Separovic and Igor Dolanc, propose a toast at the and of 1999. on opening of Separovic's attorney office. Josip Perkovic is even today in great relations with influential HDZ person in area of judicature, former Minister of judicature and chief of HIS (Croatian Information Service), Miroslav Separovic.
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Novi list, 27 August 2005.
Gefährliche Verbindungen
Von Slobodan Snajder*
Wissen ist Ohnmacht
Morgen jährt sich zum fünften Mal der Tag des hinterhältigen Mordes an Milan Levar. Fünf Jahre! Wie die Zeit vergeht! Zehn Jahre ist die Operation Gewitter her, volle fünfzehn Jahre die Auflösung der einstigen staatlichen Gemeinschaft, die uns so teuer zu stehen gekommen ist. Aber die Fragen und die Zweifel wollen einfach nicht weniger werden. Im Gegenteil: Sie werden immer mehr. Die Fragen sollen in regelmäßigen Abständen wieder aufgeworfen werden – zum Beispiel aus Anlass dieses oder jenes Jahrestages. Sie kommen wieder, wie die Verbrecher an den Ort ihrer Tat zurückkehren, weil das für sie der Ort einer unbegreiflichen Anziehung ist. Fragen als Verbrechen? Sind Fragen über Verbrechen selbst Verbrechen? Soll man sie also verschweigen? Wegscheuchen? Entfernen? So verschwinden die Fragen, und jetzt werde ich das wenigstens denen noch einmal denen vorführen, die das überhaupt interessiert. Wer in Kroatien fragt, ist ein Vagabund. Und am Ende wird die Dunkelheit ihn verschlingen.
Wen das alles interessiert, der kann in meinem Buch zum Begräbnis von Milan Levar vor fünf Jahren Folgendes lesen: "Milan Levar wird unter den Augen nur sehr weniger Menschen in sein Grab hinuntergelassen, und mehr oder weniger schweigend. Über der Erde der Staat hat geschwiegen. Ebenso hat die kroatische Gesellschaft, noch immer in vornehmer Trauer aus Anlass eines ganz anderen Begräbnisses (einer tragisch umgekommenen Schauspielerin), es vorgezogen, die Beisetzung aus der Ferne zu beobachten. Nur die Polizei hat sich auf verschiedene Art und Weise tiefer über die Erde gebeugt. Sie hat den Verstorbenen gehütet wie ein wertvolles Schmuckstück, damit er wieder zum Leben erwacht. Milan Levar wurde im Hass beerdigt, am letzten Tage des Monats August, der auch sonst nichts Gutes gebracht hatte." (Sterben unter dem Stern, S. 97. Der Text trägt das Datum 4. September 2000.) Und das sollte noch hinzugefügt werden:
Sei der kroatische Hass dir leicht! - wo du unter ihm schon begraben liegst. An der selben Stelle, jetzt im Buch, habe ich die Spuren don Djapics stillem Triumph festgehalten, was sich so las: Levar musste wissen, was ihn erwartete! Er hat bekommen, was er wollte! Ist also aus der Fünfjahresperspektive alles in Ordnung? Levar hat bekommen, was er suchte. Dabei bekommen ja in Kroatien nicht alle alles, was sie wollen, bei Weitem nicht. Bis vor Kurzem wimmelte der Markusplatz (in Zagreb, d.Ü.) von Menschen, die etwas wollten, es aber nicht bekamen. Aber der Lehrsatz des Djapic aus dem lange zurückliegenden Jahr 2000 ist kristallklar: Levar und seinesgleichen fallen in die kleine Gruppe derer, die damit rechnen müssen, dass sie bekommen, was sie wollen.
Was wollte denn Milan Levar?
Nichts für sich selbst. Er wollte nur ein offenes Ohr für das, dessen Zeuge er wohl oder übel geworden war – für das, was er gesehen hatte und womit er nicht in Frieden leben konnte. Am Ende dann haben sie ihn überhaupt nicht einmal leben lassen. Sein innerer Unfriede wurde beruhigt, er wurde, nach Ante Djapic, zufriedengestellt zufriedengestellt dh. beruhigt wurden auch jene, die Levar - würde er noch leben - sehr beunruhigen würde, von Zeit zu Zeit.
Erinnerungen an die Zukunft
Und nun: Fünf Jahre verstreichen. Der Titel der Kolumne hieß: "Wer ist der Nächste?" – an der Reihe der zu Beruhigenden und Zufriedenzustellenden. Und weiter steht da: "Wir, die wir Levars Begräbnis für einen schändlichen Skandal, geradezu genauso fürchterlich wie die Tatsache seiner hinterhältigen Ermordung durch die Hand des kroatischen Faschismus, wir sind allein mit dieser unserer Ansicht schon selber Kandidaten für die Ewigkeit, an die wir, nebenbei gesagt, nicht glauben. Ich weiß nicht, wo Levars Seele jetzt ist, außer vielleicht in einer Erinnerung an die Zukunft eines ganz anderen Landes, das, wie die Dinge heute stehen, seinen Namen in diese Zukunft mitnehmen kann."
Fragen wir noch einmal: Wo ist Levars Seele jetzt?
In der langen Zeit zwischen dem Begräbnis und heute sind politische Garnituren und Koalitionen über unsere Köpfe hinweggebraust, die Geheimdienste wurden durchgelüftet, schwer war der Kampf für die Wahrheit, die ganze und endgültige Wahrheit (zum Beispiel über den "Vaterländischen Krieg", zum Beispiel über die dunklen Hintergründe von Gospic und anderen Ereignisse), gewaltig erbebte der kroatische Olymp ... aber das Mäuschen Wahrheit ist nirgends zum Vorschein gekommen. Fünf Jahre! Das ist länger als bei uns der Zweite Weltkrieg gedauert hat. Eine halbe Dekade der Manipulationen, der Einschüchterungen, des Schweigens ... besonders bei der Frage und die ganze und endgültige Wahrheit!
Fünf Jahre also. Levars kleiner Sohn bekam das Fahrrädchen aufgedrängt, das er sich so sehr gewünscht hatte, seiner Witwe so etwas wie eine bescheidene Rente – das erinnert mich alles an den wunderlichen Ausgleich mit den Angehörigen der Familie Zec, Opfer eines früheren "Erfolges" des kroatischen Faschismus (wie die Todesschwadronen in der Kolumne des Jahres 2000 korrekt bezeichnet wurden). Fahrrad + Rente = BLUTGELD. Vielleicht wäre es im Sinne der Durchschaubarkeit dieses Handels nicht schlecht, wenn der Staat eine Preisliste derartiger Arrangements erlassen würde, vielleicht mit Hilfe einer Parlamentskommission unter Vorsitz von Anto Djapic, nach Möglichkeit dem aus dem Jahr 2000. (Wenngleich seine jüngsten Aussagen im Fall Glavas relativ ähnlich klingen.) Allerdings könnte Levars kleiner Sohn eines Tages selbst etwas fragen, etwas sehr Unangenehmes: Wie der Vater ihm sein Fahrrad besorgt hat.
Peratovic in der Lage des Don Quichotte
Mit dem erwähnten Blutgeld hat der Staat, der sich am Tage des Levar-Begräbnisses einige andere Feierlichkeiten aus dem Angebot aussuchte, seinen riesigen, ausschlaggebenden Anteil an der Schuld zugegeben, die darin bestand, dass er den Mann, der zuviel wusste, nicht beschützt hat; den Mann, der über das, was er gesehen hatte, zu sprechen begonnen hatte, was in Kroatien im Großen und Ganzen eine atypische Entwicklung ist. Einer derjenigen, die auf eigene Initiative und im Geiste des investigativen Journalismus, einige Fakten über die hinterhältige Ermordung Levars zusammengetragen haben, ist der mehrfach ausgezeichnete Journalist Zeljko Peratovic. In der Journalistenbranche gilt er heute sicher als einer der Kompetentesten, was das angeht, was man über Levar weiß, aber nicht wissen sollte. Er weiß zum Beispiel, wie die Liquidierung angekündigt wurde und wer sie angekündigt hat. Viele Male hat er den Zuständigen vorgeschlagen, Ermittlungen aufzunehmen, und gebeten, ja gebettelt, dass man auch ihm zuhört und dass er jemandem, der im System der "Aufklärung" an einem entscheidenden Hebel sitzt, sagen konnte, was er wusste. Aber sein Wissen war nicht willkommen. Peratovic befindet sich schon seit Jahren gewissermaßen in der Lage des Don Quichotte. Nur die Windmühlen, mit denen er sich herumschlägt, sind keine Trugbilder, sondern Leute in Positionen, die diese Positionen verteidigen, indem sie die Wahrheit entmutigen. Die Wahrheit über den Mord an Levar – der ganz offensichtlich die Frucht der Zusammenarbeit von hochgestellten Mächtigen und gemeinen Schlächtern und Mördern war – braucht scheinbar niemand. Mehr noch, sie ist so gefährlich, dass man sie wie ein Staatsgeheimnis (oder sollte man sagen: wie eine Staatsschande) in der Krypta staatlicher Interessen und Ansprüche bewahrt. In einer solchen Situation ist Wissen tatsächlich Ohnmacht. Mehr noch: Es ist gefährlich.
Peratovic hat die Gelegenheit, diese Tatsache mit der teuren Methode der eigenen Haut zu belegen: Rasch wurde ihm die Entlassung beim "Vjesnik" ausgehändigt, diesem staatlichen Hüter staatlicher Interessen und Wahrheiten, mit Erklärungen, die das Wasser nicht halten. Er hat in (der Wochenzeitung) Feral Tribune ein Interview veröffentlicht, für das seine eigene Redaktion kein Interesse hatte! Das konnte als Anlass dienen (Interessenkonflikt), aber der wahre Grund liegt darin, dass Peratovic auf Tatsachen, Namen, gefährlichen Verbindungen zu insistieren pflegte, die er dann – mit eigenen Recherchen - durchtränkt hat, insbesondere über die Ereignisse von Gospic und ähnliche Düsternisse. Im Entlassungsschreiben streiten sie ab, dass er ein guter Journalist sei. Die Welt denkt darüber anders. In einem erzürnten Schreiben erinnern die "Reporter ohne Grenzen" den Direktor des Vjesnik (Franjo Maletic) daran, dass Peratovic gerade für seine Recherchen mit hohen internationalen Auszeichnungen bedacht wurde, darunter auch dem der eigenen Organsiation (er bekam den Press Freedom Award 2003). Wie in ähnlichen Fällen ist die einzige Chance für die Wahrheit, dass sein Fall sich internationalisiert. Staatliche Zeitungen werfen jeden aus ihren Reihen hinaus, der dem Staat, dem die Zeitung gehört, unangenehm wird. Das ist nichts Neues, aber man muss wissen, um was für einen Staat und was für eine Wahrheit es sich hier handelt. Auf eine Weise (besser: auf jede mögliche Weise) setzt sich, fünf Jahre nach Mord und Begräbnis, der Skandal der Abwesenheit, des Nicht-Geschehen-Seins, des Fernbleibens des Staates fort.
*Slobodan Snajder ist Dramatiker und Intendant, geboren 1948 in Zagreb, studierte Philosophie und Anglistik an der Universität in Zagreb. Er veröffentlicht seit 1967 Dramen, Novellen und Essays. Seit 1968 ist Slobodan Snajder Mitbegründer und langjähriger Redakteur der Theaterzeitschrift „Prolog“ sowie langjähriger Kolumnist der „Novi list“ (Tageszeitung von Rijeka). Seine Stücke sind u.a. „Der kroatische Faust“, „Die Schlangehaut“, „Der Trost der nördlichen Meere“, „Ham, ein Todeslauf“, „Gamllet“, „Bauhaus“.
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