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Wednesday, 12th of January 2005.

Quotations motivated by conflicts in british intelligence community

First quotations in British press about connections of Ante Gotovina and IRA, in fact, Northern Ireland, appeared after text in weekly magazine „Globus“ from 2003. In it there were quotations of POA and Police's reports, in which was claiming that Gotovina's escape in 2001., from Croatia to Italy, was helped by northernireland terorist by nick name Tony Cascarino, later called The Striker. Since then, some british medias – „The Belfast Telegraf“, „The Sunday Times“, „The Scotsman“, „The Sunday Herald“ - wrote that Gotovina is in Northern Ireland, that Tony Cascarino alias The Striker, got him across the border, and that the Irish even made a robbery of the century in Belfast. Although they claimed that they had checked informations from serious British sources, mentioned medias mostly used the text from „Globus“ from 2003., and the informations from unofficial Internet site of Tony Cascarino, and texts from weekly magazine „Nacional“, in which was claimed that former chief of POA (Counter-intelligence agency), Franjo Turek, was meritorious for the deportation of agents of MI6 from Croatia, who, supposedly,were staying in Croatia by permission of Croatian authoroties, in order to find Gotovina. Mentioned medias published nonsense, not rarely, like the statement that The Striker took part in murder of , or that Gotovina was accused in Haag for crimes commited during the war i Bosnia and Herzegovina. Velimir Kvesic, one of the commanders of HOS (Croatian Defence Forces), who fought in Vukovar, said that he has never heard that Irish Tony Cascarino took part in fights on Trpinja road or even been in Vukovar. More serious observers consider that the quotations are motivated by conflict inside British intelligence community, in which one fraction, for every evil in Britain wanted to accuse the Irish and critisized second fraction of being incompetent. Zeljko Peratovic in Vjesnik After publishing this article, the Intelligence Underground strikes back with Cryptome and The Washington Times


12 January 2005. Thanks to PR.Related: http://cryptome.quintessenz.org/mirror/croat-heist.htm http://cryptome.quintessenz.org/mirror/mi6-gotovina.htm http://cryptome.quintessenz.org/mirror/mi6-disinfo.htm A Croatian journalist and MI6 agent in Croatia is a Mr. Zeljko Peratovic who works for the Vjesnik. He is one of the main planters of misinformation regarding the whereabouts of General Ante Gotovina in the Croatian media and has been specifically tasked with discrediting former combatants and officials of the former Tudjman regime.Remarkably, he has previously been unmasked, along with several other journalists by the former head of POA (Croatian counter-intelligence service) Franjo Turek, but still remains a journalist. His unmasking was confirmed by the President of Croatia Mr. Stjepan Mesic in the Feral Tribune no. 967 where it was stated that six journalists, including Globus’ Gordon Malic, (see: http://cryptome.quintessenz.org/mirror/mi6-croatia.htm) ex-chief of police department, Ranko Ostojic and several English diplomats, supplied incorrect and misleading information to the Croatian public that Ante Gotovina was in Croatia. Photographic evidence was also produced to prove the conspiracy. Several had links to the former Yugoslav National Army, which Gotovina’s army fought against. Mesic had been warned of the MI6 spies previously by Zeljko Bagic, his former national security aide “ that British intelligence had recruited a number of prominent journalists in Zagreb and was planting disinformation on the Gotovina case in the Zagreb media.”Peratovic’s erratic behaviour has caused his handlers some concern. Several senior MI6 officials wanted him dropped immediately, but Bloom insisted he stay describing him as “an imbecile with a personal vendetta regarding Levar but useful nethertheless.”Milan Levar was Peratovic's friend and a war crimes witness allegedly murdered by organised criminals. Peratovic has convinced himself Gotovina is somehow responsible and is obsessed with connecting him to it. Peratovic’s defamation of Gotovina and constant unsuccessful attempts to link him to organised crime and spurious allegations of arms dealing links is renowned. He was one of the first Croatian journalists to report of alleged links between Tony Cascarino and the Real IRA and Gotovina being in Belfast. Apparently his “reliable British sources” had informed him. Some time later, after the story had been picked up and bounded around Croatia to the point where the original article was forgotten, he published another article in Vjesnik denouncing the allegations in the other papers as “fabricated” – as if he hadn’t introduced it in the first place.


He was recently instructed to re-focus his misinformation on Cascarino and told to dig for dirt and discredit his military record. Peratovic later approached a number of former combatants offering money and other gifts in exchange for predetermined comments they’d put their names to, though was unsuccessful. He was also told to initiate correspondence with Tom Walker, diplomatic correspondent for the Sunday Times and provide him with misinformation regarding “The Striker” and his alleged terrorist links. His own web site details his spy activities which he denies:



But, the Intelligence Underground fears from Preissue of citizens and "Addition to the preissue of citizens from 06. 12. 2004" Dears, This lower text is a part of the interview of President Stjepan Mesic given to the «Feral Tribune» magazine, in number from 10th of December, 2004., and I am giving it now as an addition to the Preissue for The Council for civilian supervision of saftey services of Croatian Parliament from 6th of December, 2004. * Why did you miss to react like this when six domestic journalists are shown in presentation of ex chief of POA, Franjo Turek, as foreign spies who work against Croatia? - I would gladly react even then if I had any evidence about eavesdropping and controlling of the journalists. The presentation was dealing with foreign agents in intellingence who work in Croatia, what was not of my interest. The journalists were mentioned only in context that they were seen with that foreign agents in intelligence, but there were, believe me, really no evidence of eavesdropping and controlling of the journalists. If there were something like that, I would react, just as I reacted in the case of Helena Puljiz. That presentation must be somewhere, so it should be seen. With this statement President Mesic, in my opinion, confirms that Franjo Turek, ex chief of POA, by using methods of secret supervision, connected Croatian journalists Ivan Zvonimir Cicak, Gordan Malic, Ivica Djikic, Boris Pavelic, Davor Butkovic and Zeljko Peratovic with «the foreign agents in intelligence who work in Croatia».If the representatives of POA, as President Mesic said, mentioned the journalists in context of seeing them with foreign agents, that «seeings» should have been proved.Ex President' s adviser for national security, Zeljko Bagic, in the interview that I have given in the Preissue, said about presentation, about which also President Mesic is talking in the above quoted fragment: - The service, whose job is that, deserves every praise for that, noticed, registrated and documented subversive activity of the agent of secret service. Besides, that agent used his informations, and used one Croatian citizen... In my opinion, that evidences could have been collected only by secret supervision. I remind that colleague Gordan Malic, said that one Croatian minister told him that she saw a photograph with him and a worker of Haag' s court on it. Also, Dragutin Franciskovic, for whom, ex President' s advisor Zeljko Bagic, said in front of Prof. Vlatko Cvrtila and Davor Gjenero, that he was photographed by POA when he was having a meeting with potential witness of Haag' s court. So I ask once more from you, from new chief of POA, Tomislav Karamarko, to ask to renew investigation of activities in POA, while Franjo Turek was its chief,especially using secret methods over six mentioned journalists. If you can' t ask for an investigation, based on my Preissue, about using secret methods over all six journalists, please do it only in my case.By my informations, Mr Ranko Ostojic, chief of the police at that time, and President Mesic mentioned him earlier as a Croatian citizen who was mentioned in presentationand Mr Dragutin Franciskovic, who is earlier mentioned in medias , and by words of Zeljko Bagic, is a person from Croatian intelligence underground, who was spreading wrong informations about deserter general Ante Gotovina, are consented that the Council should research the mentioned presentation and that it should be presented in public.I support their search, especially emphasizing the quotation of President Mesic, which was published in «Feral» magazine: -The presentation must be somewhere, so it should be seen. I presume that the Council could, in its demands towards POA, and other state authorized institutions, face with answer: the measures of secret supervision were not using on the journalists, Ostojic and Franciskovic, but only on foreign agent.I think, in that case, the Council could react as same as with the colleague Helena Puljiz and President Stjepan Mesic, where was also talks that POA was dealing with case of deserted businessman Hrvoje Petrac, and deserted general Ante Gotovina, and not the journalist Puljiz and President. Also, I recomend to the Council to ask from new chief of POA, Tomislav Karamarko, answer on question, is my name mentioned in some earlier supervision of POA, which is not ended. It is possible that POA, in that case, did not ask approval from the Supreme court to control me, and I' m sure that it is lasting till today, and that can be testified by my wife and her mother.Also, I ask from you to influence on Mr Karamarko, to let the file to be seen, which SZUP was writting about me in 90s, because I was not allowed to see it, while chief of POA was Franjo Turek. If POA refuse that without explanation, as you know, it is possible, because POA still takes me for threat for national security.I don' t find myself a threat for national security, and I would like to think that way most of the citizens, who can be mislead by quoted titles and statements, which show me now as a collaborator of foreign secret services.The Council is in Croatia the most important institution from which I can ask to take off the accusation from my name that I' m a collaborator of foreign spies. But, if there are evidences for that accusation, I also please, that Council or any other state institution, announce that conclusion, and that documents to give to the state court.I please for urgency in this matter, because of serious concern for safety of my family and my own.In fact, one month ago I found out from my colleagues that one person, connected with Ante Zoni Maksan (who is accused for being helper of Anto Gotovina) and the one who is mentioned in context of potential witness in investigation of kidnaping of general Vladimir Zagorac' s son, from a person who is accused for war crime, ordered to beat me.The same commander, called my colleagues, a few days ago, asking for my address and other conntacts, talking about threats on my account. The datas about identity of the witness of the threats I will give to the Council when work on this Preissue starts. In hope of starting work on this Preissue as soon as possible, and this addition, Best regards, Zeljko Peratovic In Zagreb, 14.12.2004.

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